SL: Ivanovic and Radoicic are victims of Kosovo’s injustice and rigged trials

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 What connects Oliver Ivanovic and Milan Radoicic is the fact that both are victims of Kosovo’s injustice and rigged trials aimed at discrediting and crushing the resistance of the Serb people to the onslaught from Pristina – reads Srpska Lista’s reaction to the third anniversary since Ivanovic’s murder and Rada Trajkovic’s interview on N1 which stirred a strong reaction from the public.

In its reaction on the third anniversary of Ivanovic’s murder, Srpska Lista recalled that the instigators and perpetrators still remain unknown.

At the same time, they estimated that “Pristina’s persistent effort to use this crime for the political and physical elimination of the Vice-President of Srpska Lista, Milan Radoicic, has been going on for three years now, who is only guilty of being the first in the line of defense of northern Kosovo.“

They also assessed that Pristina’s efforts are supported by “their supporters among opposition politicians in Belgrade who cannot reconcile with the fact that the Serb people in Kosovo rejected them as their representatives.“

The largest Kosovo Serb party also commented on Rada Tajkovic, who said in an interview for N1 that progress in the process against the suspects in the murder of Oliver Ivanovic will be achieved when Zvonko Veselinovic, Milan Radoicic, and Zeljko Bojic are delivered to the court in Pristina. Trajkovic is “presenting nonsense and lies,” Srpska Lista claimed.

Srpska Lista recalled that the Vice-President of Srpska Lista, Milan Radoicic filed a defamation lawsuit against Trajkovic concerning her public claims that Radoicic was involved in Ivanovic’s murder and that he was the leader of the mafia in northern Kosovo.

„The same Rada who said the worst things about Oliver while he was in prison, and even before that, who Oliver himself, according to his friends, ignored and despised, is today giving lessons on morality and shedding crocodile tears. The same Rada who is known as someone who takes from the poor Serbs in the vicinity of Gracanica and the same one who, along with Bernard Kushner, grinned at the mention of crimes against Serbs,“ Srpska Lista wrote in a statement.

Speaking of the process led against the suspects in the murder of Ivanovic before the Pristina court, they state that the prosecution has no evidence, that it has „fabricated“ data, as well as that the indictment is „lacking and full of holes“, and that several accused Serbs unjustifiably remain in detention.

They called on international representatives to make aerial recordings available – at the request of the Serbian prosecutor’s office, of the places where Ivanovic was murdered, as well as recordings from „certain airports“, which would help in locating the instigators and perpetrators.

They added that failure to meet the prosecution’s request makes them doubt the „sincere intention to solve this crime“.

They reminded that the current representatives of Oliver Ivanovic’s party – GI SDP, along with Srpska Lista MPs, are once again part of the joint electoral list.

„The issue of defending the interests of the Serb people is above all other issues,“ they concluded.

A Kosovo Serb politician, Rada Trajkovic said in a thirty-minute interview for N1 on Saturday that the trial in connection with the murder of Ivanovic is being held captive by Belgrade and the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic. She assessed that progress in the process against the suspects in Ivanovic’s murder will be achieved when Zvonko Veselinovic, Milan Radoicic, and Zeljko Bojic are delivered to the court in Pristina and called on the opposition to urge the Serbian President to arrange this.

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