Miroslav Ivanovic: Srpska Lista behind the video which branded my brother a traitor of Serb interests

Oliver Ivanovic’s brother, Miroslav Ivanovic said on the “Utisak Nedelje” show last night that Srpska Lista is behind the video in which the assassinated Ivanovic was branded as a traitor of Serb national interests.

The identity of the author of the video broadcast on Most TV and Pink TV on the eve of the Kosovo local elections, three months before the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, has been greatly discussed over the last three years.

“What kind of man is Oliver Ivanovic, a candidate for mayor of Kosovska Mitrovica? Only a few hours after he left the premises of his party, the XX brother (full name in the video) of a candidate from Ivanovic’s electoral list, brutally stabbed a young man XX (full name in the video) with a knife, who then passed away. Oliver Ivanovic did not cry over this murder, but he did manage to cry for his Volkswagen Passat for 15 days. Is a member of the Volkswagen family more important than the life of a member of the XX family (full name in the video) to Ivanovic? Do we want such people to represent the interests of the Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija? Do we want to be led by people who care more about their cars than the lives of their fellow citizens?! Unscrupulous people who betrayed our trust, people who have the support of Pristina! On October 22nd you choose. Make a smart choice!”

Miroslav Ivanovic revealed last night that the video, which he „watched with disgust“ on Most TV and Pink TV, will always stay in his memory, adding that he sensed how „dangerous“ it could be.

„Is that not drawing a target?!“ – Ivanovic underlined, noting that the public interpreted it as such, contrary to the explanation of the other side that it was part of an „electoral campaign“.

„When you think about its authors, it is simply monstrous and can never be part of a campaign. That is not politics. In my profession, I describe it as incrimination. We try people for such acts,“ Ivanovic said in “Utisak Nedelje”, which was dedicated to the third anniversary of his brother’s murder.

Ivanovic emphasized that „professionals would need“ five minutes to find out who is responsible for recording the video. He, however, said that he understands that after the great interest shown by the public, revealing the names of those responsible would be difficult to do due to the negative effect it would have.

„I would like someone to come out and announce it publicly. I know this and I want someone to tell me that publicly. I know in whose interest it was broadcast,” said Ivanovic, adding that in the first days of the broadcast, the inscription „Srpska Lista“ could be seen in the corner of the TV screen, but it was removed in the meantime.

The video was published on October 16th, 2017, exactly three months before the murder, during primetime on Most TV and Pink TV.

At the time of the broadcast of the extended version of the video on TV Most – in which other elections candidates at the time, Dragisa Milovic and Aleksandar Jablanovic were also described in an unfavorable light, the inscription „paid time slot Srpska Lista“ could be seen on the TV screen.

Ivanovic and Milovic then announced a lawsuit against the then editor-in-chief Ljiljana Jankovic. TV Most asked for protection from the journalists’ associations, saying that they were not the creators of the video, but also indirectly confirming that the videos belonged to Srpska Lista.

„Representatives of GI SDP Oliver Ivanovic and GI ‘Za Nas Zvecan’ Dragisa Milovic openly announced a lawsuit against TV Most and its editor-in-chief today, dissatisfied with the content of Srpska Lista’s pre-election videos broadcast on commercial terms and in a paid time slot on our television, thus exerting undue pressure on the media.
Most TV is not the creator of the videos of Srpska Lista and does not take responsibility for the content of any pre-election video broadcast during a paid time slot,“ TV Most wrote in a statement at the time.

Stressing that this TV station „survived years of pressure from people who are both more powerful and more dangerous than Ivanovic and Milovic,“ they also added: „We never agreed to sell our own professional credibility and dignity, nor were we afraid because we knew that truth and justice are on our side and that we are working in the interest of the Serbian people in Kosovo.“

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