SL files a complaint to the Constitutional Court after receiving only one ministerial post

Foto: KoSSev

Srpska Lista representatives, as they had previously announced, submitted a complaint to the Constitutional Court today on behalf of ten MPs of this party and MPs of Jedinstvena Goranska Partija because this party was given only one ministerial post in the new government.

„The complaint contests the decision of the Assembly on the election of the Government in Pristina from March 22nd, 2021, in which the Serb people were given only one ministry, although the Constitution says that two ministerial posts must be given,“ the party said in a statement.

Srpska Lista expressed hope that the Kosovo Constitutional Court will decide „in accordance with the constitutional law, respecting the rights and interests of the Serbian people, but also other non-majority communities.“

„We underline that the decision to deny fair representation in institutions at a central level to Serbs is contrary to all legal acts,“ they added.

SL representatives underlined that the reason why they filed the complaint was to protect the interests of the Serb people.

„We emphasize that we do not need ministerial posts for the sake of those posts, but as a means of improving the conditions in which our people live in Kosovo.“

Srpska Lista MP, Igor Simic, confirmed at the session at which the government was formed that SL will be filing a complaint to the Kosovo Constitutional Court because the party was given only one ministerial post in the new Albin Kurti-led government.

The only minister in Kurti’s new government from the ranks of Srpska Lista is Goran Rakic, the SL chief, who is now in charge of the Ministry of Communities and Returns – a position previously held by Dalibor Jevtic in several mandates.

In previous governments that numbered more than 12 ministries, SL usually held two of the three ministerial posts reserved for non-majority communities.

What does the constitution say about the number of ministers from non-majority communities?

The Kosovo constitution stipulates that there must be at least one minister from the Serb community and one from another non-majority community.

However, in the case the government has more than 12 ministries – as is the case with the government of Albin Kurti, which has 15 departments – the non-majority communities are supposed to be given a third ministerial post. The constitution does not specify as to whether the third minister must come from a particular ethnic community.

The president of the Kosovo Bosniak party – NDS, Emilija Rexhepi underlined this part of the constitution during the session dedicated to the formation of the government. Contrary to Simic’s allegations, Rexhepi said that the Kosovo constitution was actually obeyed, i.e. three ministers from non-majority communities were appointed.

In addition to Goran Rakic ​​on behalf of the Serb community, Elbert Krasniqi from the Egyptian community and Fikrim Damka on behalf of the Turkish community were also appointed as ministers.



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