Shooting and police pursuit in Leposavic: Several police officers injured; Suspect’s brother: Excessive force used

FOTO: Kosovska policija

Kosovo police confiscated a large amount of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages last night in the Leposavic municipality and arrested the truck driver – thirty-two-year-old A.D. The arrest was preceded by a police pursuit, and firearms were also used, the police confirmed. According to the KP, five policemen were injured and one police vehicle was damaged in the pursuit. The truck driver repeatedly ignored the policemen’s orders to pull over, they added. On the other hand, according to S.D., who claims to be the brother of the arrested driver, the police officers used excessive force during the operation. „They emptied 15 clips into the truck and beat up A.D,“ he alleged.

A border police unit spotted a truck near the village of Josanica last night, which they suspected to be transporting smuggled goods.

The rapid intervention unit of the border police ordered the truck driver to pull over by turning the emergency lights on and signaling with a flashlight.

However, the police say that two civilian vehicles tried to prevent the truck from stopping. The police managed to pull over one of the vehicles, a black car with unknown license plates.

According to the KP, when they pulled him over, the driver of this car was talking on the phone with the truck driver – who was moving towards them at high speed.

„The truck moved towards the cars and police officers at high speed and hit the official police vehicle,“ the KP said.

They added that despite all signals to stop, including the use of a flashlight, the truck driver did not obey the policemen’s orders.

A car chase ensued, and the police followed the truck, incessantly signaling the driver to pull over.

The driver, however, continued to drive in the direction of the Mitrovica-Jarinje main road, where he hit a police vehicle for the second time, the police statement added.

They underlined that in addition to material damage, several police officers were injured.

„Recognizing the high risk to the lives of police officers, as well as other road users, police officers took necessary and proportionate actions to prevent the danger – by using firearms,“ the KP said.

The truck finally pulled over in a nearby village and the police arrested the driver.

The regional investigation unit of the border police, the anti-terrorism unit, the forensic unit, and the Kosovo Customs arrived at the scene.

The prosecutor was notified of the case, and as per his order, the suspect A.D was detained. He has been charged with „illegal border crossing“, „smuggling of goods“ and „assault on a police officer“.

U.R. (2002), who was driving the black car, and who is suspected of talking to the truck driver, was released, but proceedings have been initiated against him. The smuggled goods were handed over to Kosovo customs.

The police summarized that a total of five police officers were injured, who received medical assistance, while one police car was damaged.

What does the truck driver’s brother say?

In connection with the pursuit that took place in Leposavic last night, S.D, who introduced himself as the brother of the arrested truck driver – who was transporting smuggled goods, contacted the KoSSev portal today.

While the police claim that they „took necessary and proportionate actions to prevent the danger – by using firearms“, S.D. says that the police officers „emptied 15 clips into the truck,” and that they also “beat up” his brother.

He told KoSSev that his brother was pursued by at least five armored vehicles and about eight police jeeps.

„They pursued him from the village of Josanica, he ran away out of fear and moved towards the village of Koporice. The truck was riddled with bullets, they punctured his tires to force him to pull over. During the chase, they emptied 15 clips into the truck, which is about 450 bullets,“ says S.D.

He also claims that police officers used excessive force, that is, that they beat his brother.

„His eye was busted, he was bleeding. And the police didn’t allow the ambulance from the Health Center in Leposavic to come. They stopped and searched the ambulance 200 meters away and did not allow them to approach and help him,“ he claims.

He adds that the police then called another ambulance, after which his brother was finally provided medical assistance.

The truck driver is currently in custody in South Mitrovica. The family has hired a lawyer.

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