Seven cars torched in four northern municipalities in 5 days

FOTO: KoSSev/Ilustracija

The burning of vehicles with RKS in the north of Kosovo continues. Out of 7 torched cars in all four northern municipalities for 5 days, 5 of them are with RKS license plates.

After two such cars were set on fire in Zubin Potok the night before last, three more were burned tonight – two in North Mitrovica and one in Zvečan.

As confirmed by the police for KoSSev, the arsons took place last night between 2 and 3 o’clock.

The torched cars were parked in the Ivo Lola Ribar and Vlade Ćetković streets in North Mitrovica, as well as in Kralja Milutina street in Zvečan.

All three vehicles were registered with Kosovo license plates, owned by ethnic Serbs.

The police qualified all three cases as „arson“ of still unknown perpetrators.

The chief head of the Kosovo president’s office, Blerim Vela in both cases was the first to inform public of the incidents, pointing his finger at Belgrade.

„Illegal structures in Serbia continue an orchestrated campaign of intimidation against Serbs in the north of Kosovo. Last night, three cars burned just because they had RKS license plates. „Serbia is trying to create a climate of fear, to disrupt normal life and the elections scheduled for April 23,“ Vela tweeted.

This is the third case of burning vehicles in just five days, in which a total of seven were burned, five of which had RKS license plates, which was also confirmed by the police.

Today is the expiring the deadline for tax free (re)registration of vehicles from Serbian to Kosovan license plates. This created a panic among some drivers in the north of Kosovo, following numerous problems they experience with KM license plates and a lack of guidelines from Belgrade.

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