Serwer: Thaci unwilling to accept what Serbia is offering, Vucic what Thaci is offering

I fear that Vucic and Thaci could reach an agreement by September that would include an exchange of territories and people. Such an agreement would not have the support of the public and would destabilize Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova, Daniel Serwer said in an interview with KoSSev. Influential political analyst in the Balkans said that he is campaigning against the exchange of territories because of his principles and belief that democratic societies could properly behave towards minorities. He said that he expected post-war Serbia to treat Albanians in that way, adding that, however, due to this expectation, his support for Kosovo’s independence came too late. On the other hand, Serwer also said that Albanians made a „terrible mistake“ in the same period – by mistreating the Serbs who remained in Kosovo. He also revealed that he supports the decision of the Constitutional Court on the return of 24 ha of land to the Visoki Decani monastery.

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