Serbian Patriarch in Decani: The prayer recited here is for all people – in Kosovo and the entire universe

The holy site of Decani has been alive with prayer for centuries, alive with light for centuries, the Serbian Patriarch Porfirije said today in the Visoki Decani monastery. „Whenever I visit Visoki Decani, but also other holy sites, I understand that we returned home,“ he underlined.

Following the regular session of the Synod of Bishops, which was held in the Patriarchate of Pec, the Serbian Patriarch visited the Visoki Decani monastery later today.

During his speech the Patriarch spoke about the role of the brotherhood of the monastery – to recite prayer for peace and well-being of humanity and each individual.

“The prayer that you recite, we feel and know, you offer for all people who live in Kosovo and Metohija, regardless of the nation and religion they belong to, but more than that, your offer a prayer for the whole world, regardless of nation, race or their religion,“ the Patriarch said.

„The monastery is filled with love, which is not only preserved as the love of Christ, but it is ignited by the prayers of the monks of Decani and spread in concentric circles throughout the universe,“ he stressed.

„True victory has no losing side, a victory in which Christ triumphs and victory of all those who long for truth, beauty, justice, love, meaning and fullness of being“

While stressing that coming to Kosovo brings him joy, the Patriarch revealed that it also presents an opportunity to „reach the very secret of eternal life“.

Kosovo and Metohija is peppered with crosses, but not the cross as this world sees it – as a symbol and place of masochism and wasting and suffering, turning into nothingness everything we are and what we have without any meaning and in the end without hope, but Kosovo and Metohija with all its holy sites in the sign of the cross, because in that cross of Kosovo and Metohija, in its foundation, its roots lies the cross of Christ, the cross of Christ’s church. Whereby, the mystery of the cross and crucifixion, the secret of the sacrifice as an expression of love, also contains reality and the secret of resurrection.“

The Patriarch also repeated what Bishop Teodosije often highlights in his speeches: Kosovo is not just a geographical concept. For Orthodox Serbs, it holds spiritual significance.

„And that means that the Kosovo Covenant lies in the foundations of Kosovo. At the foundation and core of the Kosovo Covenant lies holiness, this means that the New Testament lies in everything in Kosovo and Metohija. That is the covenant of Christ, and that covenant implies the secret of the cross and resurrection,“ the Serbian Patriarch Porfirije concluded in his Easter sermon in Visoki Decani.

According to Patriarch Porfirije, whoever comes to Decani monastery with humbleness, faith, true prayer to whomever God he may pray, and bows to the relics of Holy King, which is kept as the most important relic in the monastery, „shall receive the grace of God.“

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