Serbian and Kosovo police met over the investigation into Ivanovic’s murder – EULEX announced the day after

Policije Srbije i Kosova na zajedničkom sastanku o ubistvu Olivera Ivanovića

With a day’s delay, the EU Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo has released, via its Facebook page, a photo of unprecedented opportunity so far for the public: Kosovo and Serbian police at the same table discussing the investigation into the murder of Oliver Ivanovic.

A brief description, without any specific details on where the meeting was held, was published along with the shared photograph:

„Yesterday, the EULEX Deputy Head of Mission, Bernd Thran, facilitated a meeting between the police services of Kosovo and Serbia to assist in increasing information exchange and cooperation between both police services on the investigation into the murder of Oliver Ivanovic. Mr Thran said: ‘While the meeting was challenging it was a success – both police services agreed to meet again in early August’.“

There is still no information on this meeting announced on the official EULEX website.

Oliver Ivanovic was murdered, after been shot six times, in the early morning on January 16th in front of his office premises in the centre of North Mitrovica. He was the most known leader of Kosovo Serbs since 1999. He was charged with war crimes and sentenced to nine years in prison in a trial led by a EULEX judge panel. Less than a year before his murder, he was acquitted and released from prison to defend himself in re-trial, after spending nearly three and a half years in custody. The vast portion of the public, including international stakeholders, primarily those who cooperated with Ivanovic over the years, shared an unanimous impression that it was an unjust or fabricated process, as Ivanovic himself declared from the first day of his detention.



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