Serbia’s FM corrects his statement on demarcation with Kosovo

Ivica Dačić sa mapom

Ivica Dacic, Serbia’s Foreign Minister, said on Wednesday that demarcation with Kosovo was not an official suggestion but an idea among state leaders, correcting his statement from Tuesday when he said demarcation would be Serbia’s official proposal to resolve the Kosovo issue, the Beta news agency reported.

He said that if the idea became an official suggestion it would be presented to the Parliament and the citizens would have a final word in a referendum.

Dacic added he was in favour of demarcation, that President Aleksandar Vucic spoke about it last year and that “ it is not something that is whispered about or discussed in secret meetings.”

He called on those who had different ideas to come out and suggest them.

“In the dialogue with Pristina (on the normalisation of relations) which is on hold, that issue has not been discussed, but we are open for other suggestions and compromises. But, have you heard any other proposal,” Dacic told reporters.

He added it was interesting that along with Kosovo’s Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj, who is against the demarcation idea were Serbia’s opposition parties (nationalist movement) Dveri, the Popular Party leader Vuk Jeremic, Sanda Raskovic Ivic, a deputy in the Parliament, current Serbian Minister Nenad Popovic and some analysts.

Dacic said Kosovo had applied for the Interpol membership after it failed to join last November. “I don’t understand this Kosovo suicidal act. They will lose even with a greater majority,” he said, adding Serbia was preparing for that battle.

Dacic said the previous authorities left behind the Constitution with a preamble stating Kosovo was a part of Serbia, while during their rule Kosovo declared independence.

“What did they do? Did they declare occupation of the country or move the army,” Dacic asked.

Albin Kurti, the leader of Kosovo’s opposition Self-determination party, said “we know what Serbia wants – separation with Albanians, i.e., division of Kosovo… The question is what do we want? Kosovo’s five political leaders have six opinions. We must agree on what we want from Serbia.”



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