Returnees Left Without Dinar Pensions Desperate, Prosecution Investigating Money’s Legality

The Radio Gorazdevac crew visited retirees from the returnee villages of Belo Polje and Brestovik. According to their reports, they are having a difficult time due to lack of funds needed for medication.

Zorka Džavrić, who lives with her son in the returnee village of Brestovik, says it’s hard to live without money.

„For now, we’ve received nothing. No one has, including me. It’s tough!“ says Zorka.

She added that she has to make do to survive even though she has not received two pensions.

„What can I do? I have to make do. I haven’t received two pensions. I also get them in Gorazdevac,“ Zorka stated.

Sladjan Pavlović from Belo Polje told Radio Gorazdevac that he has not received his pension and that he has to travel to Serbia proper to withdraw money and buy medicine.

„I haven’t received anything for this month; when they inform me by phone, I go to withdraw it. I have to find a way to get medicine so I go to Serbia to withdraw my pension,“ Sladjan Pavlović told Radio Gorazdevac.

Shkodran Nikci, the spokesperson for the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Pec, did not respond to Radio Gorazdevac journalists’ questions about what will happen to the confiscated dinars.

„We are currently conducting preliminary investigations regarding the seized money and its legality,“ Nikci briefly commented in a statement for Radio Gorazdevac.

Last Saturday, the Kosovo Police confiscated about 4 million dinars (35.000 EUR) that were supposed to arrive at the post office in Gorazdevac intended for the payout of pensions and social assistance, leaving many families without their only source of income.

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