Rakocevic: „Where there are no Americans there are no solutions, where there are Americans the solutions are most often unfavourable for us“

Živojin Rakočević
Dejan Simićević/Foto: Radio Kontakt plus

Translation provided by KoSSev

A journalist from Gracanica, Zivojin Rakocevic estimated that after the Berlin meetings – where a gathering of leaders of the Western Balkans was held – the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina will remain a hostage, not just of the taxes but of an entire range of systemic problems, general discrimination in the field and excessive concessions given to the Albanians.

„Even though the meeting in Berlin has shown that all European leaders can gather in one place, where there are no Americans – there is no solution, and where there are Americans – the solutions are most often unfavourable for us,“ Rakocevic emphasized.

„Therefore, it is very important that we go into the field and see there that, for example, 7% of Serbs live in the Gnjilane region, while 80% of incidents and attacks there are committed against Serbs. This is a completely impossible situation, but we have adjusted to life in institutional discrimination and discrimination in general. And that is our way of life,“ he added.

Rakocevic told TV Prva that Kosovo Serbs are scared of gatherings such as the one held yesterday in Berlin and of solutions reached by “the great ones.”

„The great ones do not know how we live, they have no idea about it, and the great ones often bring bad solutions. It proved that the bombs did not solve human rights, and that agreements and the money of the international community after a war are not solving the basic human and democratic rights. As long as it is not employed on the field, we will deal with the solutions of the great ones, and the solutions of the great ones are catastrophic for us,“ Rakocevic pointed out.

It is being announced that a new meeting of the Belgrade and Pristina delegations will be held at the beginning of July in Paris. Furthermore, a change of the dialogue form is also being announced, while Kosovo President, Hashim Thaci insists on US involvement.

Rakocevic believes that Thaci and the part of the international community which is unsympathetic towards the Serbs fear that Serbs will get some form of autonomy.

„This form of autonomy means that we survived. Pristina and their Western friends do not want us to survive in any form of autonomy. This autonomy allows us to show whether we can create a society that is acceptable to all, whether we can create the minimum of democratic institutions and meet with our Albanian neighbours one day with these autonomous democratic institutions, because we essentially do not meet. We do not have cities, we do not lead a normal life, we are outcasts from this life and as such we are rapidly disappearing. In order to survive, we need an internal quality and normal life, we need normal education, normal health care, we need normal and functional institutions,“ Rakocevic underlined.

He also shared his belief that the elections in north of Kosovo will not bring any significant changes.

„I think that this process is almost unnoticeable in the field. This is another small absurd idea in the absurd theatre called Kosovo and Metohija. Nothing significant will change or happen. It would be understandable that these Kosovo elections are held here in the north of Kosovo, while at the same time ten thousand Serbs return to Prizren, and that we organize local elections there with which we will fight to preserve our Sistine Chapel – Our Lady of Ljevis, to take care of our Notre Dame – Decani monastery, and so on. These are big problems and big stakes which we have in Kosovo and which we cannot give up, nor can our enemies or the international community,“ Rakocevic concluded.



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