Rakic: I expect the new Kosovo government will remove barriers, but it will not reach a final agreement

Foto: NBC

„I expect medium-term stability from the new government in Kosovo. Kurti is currently at the peak of his popularity, and the vote of no confidence against Kurti’s government during the pandemic caused a decline in the popularity of the Democratic League of Kosovo – the party which has now entered office,“ the program manager at the Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution, Lazar Rakic told KoSSev following yesterday’s formation of the new Pristina government.

„New elections will not suit anyone except Self-Determination, therefore, I expect great flexibility and only a few squabbles between the partners in the new government,“ Rakic ​​said.

Speaking about Srpska Lista, Rakic ​​claimed that they are the most stable political entity in Kosovo.

„And they will remain so as long as the Serbian Progressive Party is in power in Belgrade,“ he underlined, adding that there are multiple reasons behind it.

PULL QUOTE: The Kosovo Serb people are primarily divided into those who vote in the Kosovo elections and those who have been in a permanent boycott so far because they do not want to participate in the Kosovo elections

The SNS and Srpska Lista control a fairly large Serbian and Kosovan public sector in Serb-majority communities, thus also controlling the electorate, Rakic ​​said, emphasizing that the most important thing is that „due to fear of the Albanian majority“, Kosovo Serbs will always predominantly vote for the party supported by official Belgrade.

When asked about the future of the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, Rakic ​​said:
„I expect that the new Kosovo government will remove barriers that have prevented dialogue. I believe that the dialogue will continue after the Serb elections and that there will be a kind of leveling of pressure by Richard Grenell. And that this pressure will not be focused only on Pristina, but will equally spill over to Belgrade as well.“
Rakic, however, does not expect a final agreement.

„I believe that if an agreement is reached, it will be another transitional agreement like the Brussels agreement. Something Grenell will be happy with and something he will be able to bring to the White House as an international success before the US elections in November.“

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