Radosavljevic: There are 3 types of people at the barricades – those who protect the authority, the fearful, and the naive

There are three types of people at the barricades: those who protect the authority, the naive, and the fearful, Nenad Radosavljevic, owner of RTV Mir, told Nova S. Radosavljevic says that he did not come across a single citizen with a positive stance about the roadblocks. He also highlights the absurdity of the barricades: Teachers hold online classes for high school students at the barricades – the same ones that block the roads to schools.

„First of all, these are the people who protect the authority. They were only hired to protect and defend the authority. These are those who were admitted to various security organizations – civil protection, etc., and they were admitted without procedures and in unlimited numbers, and these structures are precisely the biggest problem, and on the other hand, there are naive people who have been convinced for a long time that this is a patriotic act of struggle for their survival. This is a lie that has been served for a long time, and the third category is people who are afraid because even here people go to the elections out of the fear of outing themselves if they vote for someone else because everything that happens is done out of fear,“ said Radosavljevic.

He added that many Serbs in the north are afraid of losing their jobs.

„Many were employed on a temporary basis, and those who were hired for an indefinite period, because those in power who introduced fear as a way of operating, they manage some services that can hire them.“

According to Radosavljevic, another reason why people come to the barricades lies in the fact that many citizens feel uneasy about being accused by the first group of being unpatriotic if they do not go.

For the majority of citizens, however, the reason can be found in their fear of threats, even physical confrontation up to serious crimes.

Absurd of the barricades: Professors hold online classes for students while blocking their way to schools

Speaking about the barricades, he states that he did not have the opportunity to come across a single citizen who has a positive stance toward the roadblocks.

„During these St.Patron days, I didn’t have the opportunity to meet people who have a positive opinion about the barricades, and all of them say that they are harmful and can bring no benefits except severe harm, great problems, and possibly great suffering,“ he says.

As the absurd side of the barricades, he also cites the fact that, through media propaganda, high school teachers are shown teaching classes to high school students online, while those same teachers, on the other hand, are actually blocking the path to school of their own students.

The presence of special forces is a big threat, Kurti is not the first to build authority among Albanians

On the other hand, Radosavljevic criticized moves made by Kosovo PM Albin Kurti.

„Kurti was not the first to build his authority and sway public opinion by causing harm to the Serbs,“ he says, adding:

„We didn’t expect anything better, but he did move more in that direction than others before him.“

Radosavljevic stated that it is the citizens who recognize bad and wrong moves from Pristina, namely the establishment of „new small barracks for special border units“, but also „real special“ units.

„Such is the presence of special forces in the north with the justification of protecting multi-ethnicity. It cannot be looked at favorably because they carry firearms and that is a big threat,“ emphasized Radosavljevic, adding:

„Especially the arrests. Arrests can be carried out differently, without exaggeration, these people have families. The way it is done is inappropriate, especially in circumstances where every spark can lead to bigger problems.“

Serb communities are too weak to survive without connecting

Addressing the withdrawal of Serbs from the institutions, Radosavljevic further claims that Vucic made an oversight when it comes to this, above all the withdrawals from the judiciary and the police. Radosavljevic assessed that it „does not make any sense“.

As for the Association of Serb-majority Municipalities, he says that the communities in which Serbs live in both the north and the south are so weakened, that it is important to welcome anything that unites and organizes the municipalities.

„Anything that unites our common interests not only in the North but in all municipalities with a Serb majority, the possibility of having the freedom to make decisions in various areas of life is very needed and important because we are so divided and weakened. There are few of us and if we don’t have a way to organize and help each other, we have no way to survive“.

Especially in the enclaves, it is not feasible for the population to survive just like that, he added, warning of a special outflow from the enclaves.

„The population is threatened by the decline in numbers to the extent that there is no need for an exodus and forced emigration, but it is a process that will lead to the emigration of Serbs,“ Radosavljevic concluded.

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