Protest in Presevo on November 28th: Let’s raise our voices to join Kosovo

FOTO: Lajmi

Albanians are celebrating Flag Day on November 28th. It is a national holiday of the Republic of Albania, which is also celebrated in Kosovo. Pristina-based portal Lajmi reported that an organization presenting itself as the Liberation Army of Medvedja, Bujanovac, and Presevo is preparing a protest in southern Serbia to merge what they call „Eastern Kosovo“ – three municipalities in southern Serbia – to Kosovo. Below we publish the announcement reported by

„For centuries, Albanians have been working hard to achieve the right to national unity. This great ideal has been supported by the sacrifices of generations of our glorious past, present and future. Albanians gave martyrs in wars for national unity.

There was active and peaceful resistance, demands and protests before the international community – all for the purpose of uniting.

Dear fellow citizens, dear compatriots of Albanian ethnicity, we are living at crucial moments when we are discussing the final solution to the Albanian-Serbian issue. The UÇPMB war veteran organization is calling on the citizens of the Eastern Kosovo to join the protest, which will be organized on November 28th, Flag Day, Albania’s Independence Day. Out of the thousands of reasons why we should protest against this regime, one is extremely significant: raising our voices to join Kosovo.

Come to celebrate and protest our centuries-old indigenousness. We protest against historical injustices, for our natural rights, for the fulfillment of the will of the martyrs, for the future and dignity of our children.

In cooperation with political entities, CSOs, the Islamic Community of OVL and the OVLM invites all citizens to join this protest – on November 28, at 11 am, starting from the Cultural Center, towards the city center – in front of the Municipal Assembly.
Let us protest with dignity. Let us protest for national indigenousness, cultural and patriotic authenticity. Let us protest the root cause. Let us protest for national unity.“



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