Priluzje residents: Four people dead after ‘consuming suspicious brandy’; KP and Prosecution: Waiting for the autopsy results

Ilustracija kosovska policija
Foto: KoSSev, Ilustracija

Two brothers from the village of Priluzje passed away last week after consuming alcohol of questionable origin. Locals claim that it was methyl alcohol and that two more people died after consuming the same brandy. The Kosovo Police and the Prosecutor’s Office, however, continue to claim that they are waiting for the autopsy results for the two deceased brothers. They did not confirm that there have been other such cases.

Three people from the village of Priluzje in the municipality of Vucitrn – brothers D.Dj.(1958) and B.Dj. (1961) and their neighbor, M.B. (1954) passed away last week.

A Priluzje resident, Dejan Milic confirmed for KoSSev yesterday that another person, B.M. (1959), passed away two days ago.

Citing the allegations of family members of the deceased, Milic claimed that the results of the autopsy for all four deceased have arrived and that all of them consumed brandy that allegedly contained methyl alcohol.

„I was told that an autopsy was performed and that it was determined that it is the case of methyl alcohol poisoning in all four cases,“ he told KoSSev.

Milic also revealed that, according to his family, B.M. had a methyl alcohol blood level of 7.

The victims were allegedly poisoned after consuming suspicious brandy, which was sold in Priluzje for many years by a seller from Orahovac at a very cheap price of 2.5 euros for a 2-liter bottle.

On the other hand, the competent institutions state that only two cases of suspicious deaths in Priluzje have been confirmed so far, but that the autopsy results still have not arrived.

The main police headquarters in Pristina have been reiterating to KoSSev ever since June 17-18th that the bodies of two brothers were sent for autopsy.

The Kosovo police spokesmen, Baki Kelani and Daut Hoxha emphasized that they have no other findings or details, including the results of the autopsy. They also noted that these are not questions for the police in Pristina, but the municipality and the prosecutor’s office.

The KoSSev portal received a similar response from the Basic Prosecutor’s Office in Mitrovica.

„We can confirm that the two bodies were sent for an autopsy at the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Pristina, and we are waiting for the results of the autopsy,“ a spokesman for the prosecution, Valon Preteni told KoSSev today.

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