Political parties against Thaci’s idea on the correction of borders. Haradinaj: Change of borders is in Putin’s favour 

Senior officials of ruling coalition parties in Kosovo AAK and Nisma are against the idea proposed by Kosovo President Hashim Thaci on the correction of the border. Against Thaci’s proposal are Nisma leader Fatmir Limaj and AAK senior official and MP Daut Haradinaj, reported Express. Limaj urged Thaci to respect the Kosovo Constitution, whereas Haradinaj said that such an idea derives from Serbia and Russia. Officials of the biggest ruling coalition party – Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), have not reacted to the latest proposal by their former leader, who left the PDK to become President of Kosovo. The opposition parties are also against the correction of borders or an exchange of territory. The Kosovo Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj, says that a change of borders in the Balkans suits only to the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

“We are obliged to respect the Constitution and applicable laws of Kosovo and statements on the correction of borders by institution leaders are unacceptable,” Limaj said, noting that there will be no Republika Srpska in Kosovo and that such an idea will ruin Kosovo’s statehood.

Chief of the parliamentary group of the biggest opposition party of Kosovo – LDK, Avdullah Hoti, told media on Friday that his party is not ready to exchange territories, and asked that the Agreement on the normalisation of relations with Serbia brings mutual recognition.

He said that President Thaci and the current Government have no legitimacy to lead the dialogue with Serbia and the country should hold early elections.

The AAK MP, Daut Haradinaj, considers that the idea of a correction of borders as mentioned by President Thaci, brings a new conflict and is dangerous for Kosovo. He says that such ideas are proposals of Russia and Serbia.

The Kosovo Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj, had a similar message saying that a change of borders in the Balkans suits only to the Russian President, Vladimir Putin:

“No one wants change of borders, but Russian President Vladimir Putin. He wants to change borders in Bosnia, to get a precedent. It is a big mistake to help Putin and propose partition.“

According to him the border of Kosovo will not change.

“No one dares to change the border, or try to make a correction of border, or swap territories,” said Haradinaj during an interview with a Kosovo public broadcaster, Express reported.

“Our contract is the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo. We dare not create a new Constitution,” he said also.

Haradinaj reiterated that there will be no exchange of territory, correction of border or partition in Kosovo and the Balkans.

According to him every attempt to change borders will cause a new war in Balkans.



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