Petkovic alerts international representatives of Haradinaj-Stublla’s behavior

Foto: Petar Petković/Kancelarija za KiM

Kosovo Minister of Foreign Affairs, Meliza Haradinaj is „contributing to the destabilization” of the situation in the region; „her unruly behavior“ can no longer be tolerated – the head of the Kosovo Office, Petar Petkovic criticized the Kosovo FM today.

Petkovic’s reaction quickly followed Haradinaj’s claim to ban Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic from arriving in Kosovo until he „apologizes and until those responsible for the genocide are prosecuted before an international court.“

„Her statement that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic will not be allowed to come to Kosovo until further notice is a manifestation of political violence and an unequivocal violation of the Belgrade-Pristina agreement which regulates visits of officials and freedom of movement, as well as all rules of civilized behavior,“ Petkovic said in a statement.

The President of Serbia confirmed last night the Kosovo media reports on his request to visit Kosovo after the Kosovo Minister of Foreign Affairs had previously intended to visit nearby Raska where another mass grave had been located last week. Vucic said, however, that Haradinaj-Stublla wanted to create a „political show“.

Haradinaj Stublla reminded Vucic that the place he visited recently, showcasing construction work on a hospital are on same site of a mass grave with 744 bodies of Kosovo Albanians, including her uncle.
„You are not allowed to visit Kosovo until you apologize for the genocide committed against our people and until international justice prosecutes those responsible for that genocide,“ she tweeted.

Petkovic’s public alert includes his criticism towards Stublla’s comment directed at the late Serb Patriarch Irinej.

„I remind you that Meliza Haradinaj made indecent and inappropriate comments during the three-day mourning for the late Patriarch Irinej. We did not react out of respect for the grief and pain of our people, but her unruly behavior can no longer be tolerated,“ Petkovic said.

Pertkovic assessed as impossible to work on the normalization of Serbian-Albanian relations in an atmosphere in which „hatred and hostility towards Serbs and Belgrade are the dominant political ideology“ in Pristina.

The head of the Kosovo Office also sent a message to other Kosovo representatives, saying that they must “realize” that this is not the year 2000 or 2008. He also urged them to replace their “retrograde public appearances and the practice of constant obstruction of the normalization process with a modern and constructive policy that will benefit the entire region”.

In contrast to such remarks, he further claimed that Aleksandar Vucic is the main initiator and promoter of the process of reconciliation and normalization of relations in the region.
Also, Petkovic pointed out that he informed the relevant international authorities about the „latest outburst“ of Haradinaj-Stublla.

Last week, Haradinaj-Stublla accused official Belgrade of covering up crimes committed in Kosovo and concealing the locations of the graves of killed civilians. This statement quickly followed the confirmation from the Serbian side that a mass grave had been found in a quarry near Raska.

Such harsh political back-and-forth statements indeed arrive amidst the ongoing process of exhumation of human remains from this location.

Also, as Serbian and Kosovan sources from both working groups have confirmed, preparations are being made to investigate possible mass graves in Kosovo.

One of the points of the agreement recently signed in Washington, as well as the new phase of negotiations in Brussels, launched this summer, includes the issue of resolving the fate of missing persons. As Miroslav Lajcak, the EU special envoy for the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, confirmed during his latest official visit to Pristina, the chapter of the future „comprehensive agreement on the normalization of relations“ on the missing has already been concluded.



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