Peach holds dinner with leaders of Albanian parties and K.Serbs – Arsenijević, Biševac, Trajković, Rašić

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FOTO: Enver Hodžaj/Tviter

The United Kingdom’s special envoy, Lord Stewart Peach, held a series of meetings with political, military, and religious representatives in Kosovo earlier this week. In addition to meeting with the top Pristina officials, Peach also met with representatives of opposition parties in Kosovo, as well as Kosovo Serb politicians, including the head of the recently formed Serbian National Council, Momčilo Trajković.

The British official visited Belgrade last week, where he met with high-ranking Serbian officials – the President of Serbia and the Prime Minister, with whom he talked about the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina.

This week, Peach stayed in Kosovo. Over the past several days, he met with the highest Pristina officials, including the President of Kosovo, the Prime Minister and the head of the Pristina negotiation team. He also discussed dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, offering his country’s support in the implementation of agreements that were reached.

This envoy also met with representatives of KFOR and EULEX, and he visited the Gracanica monastery, where he spoke with Bishop Ilarion, Vicar Bishop of the Serbian Patriarch, with whom he discussed the position of the SOC in Kosovo.

However, there was another meeting on his agenda, which went almost unnoticed by the Serbian public in Kosovo.

Representatives of opposition political parties from Kosovo, including representatives of the Serbian community, had dinner with Lord Peach, as well as the British ambassador to Kosovo, Nicholas Abbott, the news of which was shared by one of the participants of the meeting, Enver Hoxhaj from the opposition PDK.

„The focus was on the future of Kosovo with internal developments and bilateral relations in the Balkans,“ said Hoxhaj on X.

Lutfi Haziri from the LDK, who also attended the meeting, announced on social media that he was eager to share his experiences with British officials about the political events in the region and Kosovo.

The meeting was also attended by representatives of the opposition AAK – the general secretary of the party, Muharem Nitaj and Besnik Tahiri, MP.

Nitaj stated that the role of Great Britain in „all stages of freedom and creation of the state of Kosovo was exceptional“, as well as that this country plays an important role in the political processes that Kosovo is going through.

The photos published by some opposition politicians show that the meeting was also attended by representatives of Serbs – the Kosovo Minister for Communities and Return, Nenad Rašić, the leader of the civic initiative „Za Zubin Potok“, Milija Biševac, the president of the Serbian National Forum (SNF) and a recent official of the renewed Serbian National Council, Momčilo Trajković, political activist and department director in Leposavić municipality, Nenad Radosavljević, president of the civic initiative „Serbian Survival“ and the newly formed party „Serbian Democracy“, Aleksandar Arsenijević.

Trajković proposed the establishment of a Serbian-Albanian forum for dialogue and reconciliation

Out of all of them, only Trajković shared information about the meeting with Peach on his social media, without specifying who else attended the meeting. Trajković also published a photo showing only him and Peach.

He stated that he introduced the British envoy to the „catastrophic situation in which the Serbian people in Kosovo find themselves today, pointing to the dramatic processes of emigration of Serbs“.

Moreover, he accused the international community, Pristina and Belgrade of not being interested in solving the fate of the Serbs, alleging that they are „creating crises“ and „triggering the disappearance of Serbs“.

„It is not natural and normal for Kosovo to be without Serbs. The disappearance of the Serbs, who are the balance of peace in these areas, opens dangerous processes in the Western Balkans,“ Trajković told Peach.

He also told him that the integration of Serbs into the Kosovo system is an „impossible process“:

„Primarily due to the fact that a democratic Kosovo society is not being built here, but an Albanian society, and that is based on anti-Serbism.“

Trajković insisted on dialogue between Serbs and Albanians about their common life in Kosovo, maintaining that the authorities in Belgrade and Pristina should continue discussions on status issues. For this purpose, he proposed the establishment of a Serbian-Albanian forum for dialogue and reconciliation.

Peach on the progress towards the formation of the ASM and the implementation of the agreement

At the end of his visit, Peach said that in all of these meetings he „emphasized the UK’s continued support for Kosovo’s independence and security“.

He also stated that he „listened carefully to the deep concerns“ following the events in Banjska on September 24, stating that his country expects the perpetrators of the attacks to be held to account.

At the same time, he stated that he had discussed with Kosovo Serbs their concerns and „hopes for the future“.

He emphasizes that now is the time to continue to press ahead with efforts to ensure that all citizens have a future „in the diverse and multi-ethnic Republic of Kosovo.“

„Progress towards the establishment of the ASM in the context of the wider implementation of the agreements reached through the EU-facilitated dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia is an important part of these efforts,“ concluded this British official.

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