Patriarch Porfirije: I appreciate the efforts of Bishop Teodosije, who is falsely accused by those who want to bring unrest

Porfirije Bratu

The Serbian Orthodox Church is always ready to talk about solving problems that are an obstacle to peace and cooperation in the region, is the message of the Serbian Patriarch Porfirije.

The Serbian Patriarch recently met with the head of the OSCE Mission to Serbia, Jan Braathu, at the Patriarchal Palace in Belgrade. During the meeting, he emphasized the importance of interfaith dialogue as a way to achieve and preserve peaceful and harmonious coexistence.

Porfirije said that he highly appreciates the efforts of the Bishop of Raska and Prizren, Teodosije, the clergy and monastics in Kosovo

According to the Patriarch, „certain individuals and organizations tried to falsely and unjustly accuse them with an obvious desire to bring unrest and endanger the survival of the monastics and the remaining Serbian population in Kosovo and Metohija.“

The Head of the OSCE Mission informed the Serbian Patriarch about the activities of that international organization, emphasizing that he respects the patriarch’s efforts to build peace and stability and that in that sense he can expect his full support, because, as he added, one of his priorities is to help develop religious tolerance in society.



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