Patriarch from Kosovo: Our shrines are the heritage of the whole world

“Our shrines belong to the Serbian Orthodox Church – Decani, the Patriarchate of Pec, the Mother of God Ljeviska, and again, all other holy sites in Kosovo and Metohija. They are the heritage of the SOC, however, everything that is spiritual is never, if it is authentically spiritual, limited to one person or one nation,“ the Serbian Patriarch Porfirije said from Visoki Decani.

“Precisely because it is spiritual, even though it is ours, it transcends the significance and beauty of the borders in which we exist and to which we belong, and these are the holy sites which are the cultural heritage of the whole world. That is why we should not be surprised that all the listed holy sites are under the protection of UNESCO,” the Patriarch told the media.

The Patriarch underlined that this is the reason why all sides and parties must make an effort, which the Church and the monks are already doing, to protect cultural heritage, especially the heritage from the 14th century, and preserve their historical significance.

„The most important thing is to talk, to make an effort regardless of any misunderstandings, and never give up the need to solve issues through talks, dialogue, regardless of how long it may take,“ the patriarch said, addressing the media in Visoki Decani.

The Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church, accompanied by a few members of the Synod of Bishops, stayed in Kosovo for the past two days. After holding a regular session of the Synod of Bishops in the Patriarchate of Pec, the Patriarch visited Visoki Decani.

“The prayer that you recite, we feel and know, you offer for all people who live in Kosovo and Metohija, regardless of the nation and religion they belong to, but more than that, you offer a prayer for the whole world, regardless of nation, race or their religion,“ the Patriarch previously told the Visoki Decani monks.

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