Organic networking: a Balkan awakening


By Tatjana Lazarevic

„Rama is losing the election?“; „Elbasan shaken before the elections! Pjerin Xhuvani murdered! He recently joined the Socialist Party, suspicion of vote buying“; „Member of the 63rd Parachute Brigade dies during a jump“; „Indictment filed against Miroslav Aleksic“ – read the headlines of news pieces published yesterday afternoon on our portal that deals with the topic of Kosovo.

I remembered when we published the news about how an owner of a butcher’s shop, Mirza Brajlovic, from Tuzla, decided to donate a Golf V vehicle to his longtime employee Rasudin Muhic, a few days ago, a close family member commented: „Why would you publish this?”

Indeed, what do the elections and a murder in Albania, the death of a Serbian paratrooper, the failed career of a Belgrade acting teacher, and a dream boss from Tuzla have to do with us?

We have been reporting on the elections in Kosovo for seven years –the Serbian and Kosovan elections alike. For the sake of the experiment, I could copy many sentences from reports of the Albanian media, paste them into my news articles about the elections in Kosovo, change the names and dates – and there would be no difference. Murders also took place in Mitrovica. One took place in the middle of one campaign, the other after another campaign and elections.

Albania is also dear to my neighbors in Kosovo. For me and a large number of my fellow citizens – it is a recently discovered fantastic tourist destination and a long-learned lesson from history about the tragic retreat of my people from their heroic past of World War I. For both – it is a neighboring country.

In Kosovo’s recent history, only the uniforms of NATO, the Kosovo Security Forces, and the Kosovo Police can be seen, but our Serbian readers in Kosovo pay special homage to the soldier of the elite Serbian 63rd Parachute Brigade. That uniform is closer to their identity.

An indictment was filed in Belgrade against acting teacher Miroslav Aleksic. The subsequently published news piece was related to the arrest of a police officer from Gnjilane/Gjilan, who is suspected of sexually assaulting a minor.

From Marija Lukic, through Danijela Stajnfeld, Milena Radulovic, Iva Ilincic, to Marinika Tepic – are all women from Serbia who, except for the opposition politician, as alleged victims (in Lukic’s case, a verdict was passed in her favor) bravely stepped forward and reported their abusers – and this wave is spreading across the region. The iron curtain of silence on sexual assault and exploitation, solicitation, humiliation and degradation, misogyny, deviant behavior, femicide was lifted in the Balkans. Rapists can be found in the palace and the hut, in all the states. Fear and shame are in each of us.

Collectively, it’s the same story everywhere – So what, that has always been the case, well he’s a man, he’s powerful, why did she provoke him…

After all, why would I have to interpret the noble gesture of a Tuzla man?! Or that a good Muslim will do a good deed in the month of Ramadan? In the days of Easter Lent, we especially call for repentance and humanity. And why should humanity be divided by languages, states, religions, believers, and agnostics, when we are all human?!

In bad times, it will be even easier for us to recognize each other and group ourselves by that.



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