Oliver Ivanovic – A shared topic at the assemblies in Belgrade and Pristina

FOTO: Nova.rs/Vesna Lalić

In addition to the ASM, Oliver Ivanovic, a Kosovo Serb politician who was assassinated five years ago, was also a shared topic of discussion at the sessions of two assemblies – one in Pristina and the other in Belgrade, both of which started this morning.

In Belgrade, opposition MPs displayed several banners during Vucic’s speech in the Assembly. In addition to the following inscriptions: „Vucic, you betrayed Kosovo“, and „No ultimatum, no capitulation“, there was also one banner with a picture of Oliver Ivanovic and the message „You will answer for this.”

Vucic quickly responded, saying that „those who helped Oliver and his family when he was in prison and when he was out of prison will answer.”

“I sent my son to visit Oliver Ivanovic in prison and deliver a message and to greet him, and unlike all of you who carry (the banner), I helped him and his family.“

At the same time in Pristina, Kosovo MPs criticized Kurti for his statements about Oliver Ivanovic on the fifth anniversary of his murder.

Kurti’s praise of Ivanovic, whom he now described as someone who fought for s multi-ethnic Kosovo (although the Kosovo PM had earlier referred to the late Serb politician as a war criminal) caused an avalanche of negative reactions from the Kosovo public, resulting in performance and protest.

Driton Selmanaj from LDK pointed out that Kurti refuses to apologize or distance himself from his actions by which he “denied the victims.”

„Unfortunately, neither the president nor the majority of deputies have distanced themselves. Ivanovic can only be as such for Kurti, Osmani, and Konjufca, but for all Albanians, he remains just a criminal who killed Albanian civilians. The prime minister’s call to preserve his memory is the foulest act. Although the damage has been done, and the PM denied the victims, I invite you MPs to publicly distance yourself. We, as LDK, will take the initiative to distance ourselves from this shameful statement,“ he said, Pristina-based Koha reports.

An MP from the ruling Self-Determination party, Arjeta Fejza, also mentioned Oliver Ivanovic.

Fejza spoke about the night 23 years ago when 10 Albanians were purportedly killed in North Mitrovica, accusing the so-called „Bridge Guardians“ of being behind the murders, Koha writes.

The event, she added, took place on the night between February 3 and February 4, 2000. She alleged that the murders were not accidental and that the government of Serbia was directly involved.

Fejza then listed the names of the 11 ethnic Serbs allegedly involved in the case, including Ivanovic, citing „eyewitness“ statements as her source

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