Novo Brdo: The fifth theft of cattle in less than fifteen days

Krađa Novo Brdo
Foto: RTV Puls

Translation provided by KoSSev 

Unknown perpetrators stole a cow and a calf from the Savic family from the Izvor village in the municipality of Novo Brdo on the night between Saturday and Sunday. The damage is estimated at approximately 2.000 EUR. Two cows were taken from the same family five years ago. The perpetrators have still not been found.

The head of the family, Novica Savic replaced the door after the first theft. In addition to the old wooden ones, new metal doors were installed, but it did not help, as this time the thieves literally entered through the wall.

„This is a real disaster for us. We have no other income except from agriculture. We have some sheep and goats and we are afraid that they will take them away as well,“ Novica’s mother Blagica told RTV Puls and accused the police of doing nothing to protect conscientious farmers.

RTV Puls reported that it is most likely that the same criminal group tried to rob the neighboring household of the Savic family. Though thieves managed to open a hole in the wall of the barn, they were spotted by the Savic family in time, which alarmed the whole neighborhood, causing a group of around a dozen thieves to flee the scene.

The case was reported to the police. An investigation is underway.

The mayor of the municipality of Novo Brdo, Svetislav Ivanovic stated that crime in that part of Kosovo had increased exponentially, as this is the fifth theft in the last ten days.

„We have tried everything. We also equipped the police with municipal vehicles so that they can be more mobile while protecting citizens and their property. We are warning the domestic and foreign public, but there is no progress. Not a single thief has been found and prosecuted,“ Ivanovic told Puls, confirming RTV Puls’ allegations that local and security authorities are powerless against criminals.

The citizens of Novo Brdo are also worried about yesterday’s attempted robbery of one of the oldest churches in the region – St. George’s Church in the village of Stanisor, near Gnjilane. The thieves attempted to break into the church, however, no major damage was inflicted.

More than 160 head of large cattle and dozens of passenger vehicles and agricultural machinery, mainly belonging to ethnic Serbs, were stolen in the last ten years in Novo Brdo. To date, not a single thief has been found.



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