North Mitrovica, Pristina, Gracanica, Nis, Krusevac… Graffiti with the image of Oliver Ivanovic appeared

Graffiti with the image of Oliver Ivanovic appeared this morning in North Mitrovica, Pristina and Gracanica, but also in Serbian cities such as Nis and Krusevac. The print reflects one of the most recognizable photos of Ivanovic from the courtroom during the trial against him. Today it is three months since Ivanovic's murder. The assassinator and the person who ordered his death remain unknown. The party announced the signing of a public petition for the naming of either the pedestrian zone in Kosovska Mitrovica, or Sutjeska Street where Ivanovic was killed – after him.

In Kosovska Mitrovica, graffiti is visible in several places on the walls of buildings. In Pristina – at the student dorms, the hospital, the city's centre's roundabout; in Gracanica – at the offices of the Serbian National Forum, the roundabout at the bus station, and a shop.

The authors, however, remain unknown.

"Citizens also remember Oliver Ivanovic in this way," said Ivanovic's closest associate and political group member, Ksenija Bozovic. She did not directly answer to our question whether Ivanovic's party is the initiator of the latest action.

On the three month anniversary of the assassination, Ivanovic's party issued a press release:

"There are no suspects, no detainees. Everyone remains silent, except for a few, mostly, brave women. Three months after the murder of the best one among us, we ask – are those who killed him and those who ordered the kill stronger than all in what we believed with you (Oliver Ivanovic)?"

"Has Oliver Ivanovic become a forbidden topic, as have become many others about which one remains silent?" – they also pose a question.

Ivanovic's party also recalled its initiatives launched earlier at the Mitrovica Municipal Assembly to discuss security and to name the street where Ivanovic had been killed after their leader.

Seven hundred and forty-nine respondents, or 92%, supported the SDP's initiative that Sutjeska street should be named after Oliver Ivanovic – the results are part of an online survey on the KoSSev portal. The initiative was also supported by his fellow citizens with whom we talked in the streets of Mitrovica. Read about it in the special news tomorrow.



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