Kozarev and Djuric on BETA report from Brussels: Spinning, false and threatening tones

Marko Djuric did not respect the "obligatory procedure" when he entered North Kosovo on March 26, after which he was also arrested. He sent a request to the authorities in Pristina after 5 pm on Friday, which after office hours. Also the list of people accompanying him was incomplete and for Kosovo Albanians this meant that the procedure was not respected. Such information was delivered to the BETA news agency who quoted unnamed officials at NATO headquarters in Brussels.

The deputy director of the Office for KiM, Dusan Kozarev, commented: If this is an authentic attitude of NATO, then it represents "malicious misinformation and an additional alignment with Pristina, and against regional stability".

Kozarev went one step further, he considered that this statement was either "fictitious", or "maybe it was not even given by anyone from Brussels, but by the source from Donje Prekaze".

"After all, why would somebody who is telling the truth be quoted as an unnamed source because an anonymous source is most often a euphemism for lies and spinning," Kozarev goes on. 

With the press release from Dusan Kozarev, a photo of members of KFOR who photographed events in front of the Mitrovički dvor on March 26th was delivered to the media.

"The image of KFOR members speaks enough, who, at the moment of violence, takes photos nonchalantly, instead of preventing violence," said Kozarev.

After Dusan Kozarev, the Director of the KiM Office, Marko Djuric, also spoke. He reacted to the other Beta news on the Community of Serb municipalities.

"The Community of Serb municipalities in Kosovo must be established not as a non-governmental organization, but to protect the interests of Serbs, but it can not be either a comparable power, or the reconstruction of parallel structures," the agency reported in the meantime.

"The Community of Serb municipalities has to be formed in accordance with the agreements reached during EU mediation; of course, the Community of Serb Municipalities will be financed from Belgrade" – Djuric reacted.

"Shaky tones and untrue unnamed NATO representatives are a continuation of violence that took place over Kosovo Serbs two weeks ago and an unacceptable interference in democratic processes and efforts to overcome the conflicts in the Western Balkans peacefully," he concluded.

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