North Mitrovica: 19 years since the bombing of the city's police station

It is exactly 19 years since the bombing of the city's police station in North Mitrovica. Milomir Aksentijevic, a police officer, Nenad Vitkovic, the head of the department for administrative affairs and civilian Hasibe Mesahrani, who lived in a nearby building, were killed, while over 10 police officers and 25 civilians, suffered from serious or light injuries. Their family members, colleagues, war veteran associations rallied this morning at 8:45 am – the bombing time, to lay wreaths and light candles. They do it for every anniversary, while also requesting responsibility and pose the question: "Why?"

The five-floor police station was hit with two missiles on an early Sunday morning. Due to a strong explosion, windows were smashed in the greater part of the city, and the nearby playground was covered with massive shells and debris. The shells could be seen around the entire quarter.

The apartment building in which Hasibe Mesahrani had lived, next to the police station, was heavily damaged, left with a huge hole in the place where her apartment was.

More victims were fortunately avoided due to the earlier evacuation of the police station but also due to the early Sunday hour when few people were outside and the children's playground was empty.

No remains or any other trace remain at present but a memorial plaque with the message "Those of who we remember do not die". There are the buildings of the Rectorate and the Faculty of Philosophy and it is one of the busiest city's parts.



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