New Vice-presidents of Srpska Lista: Vinka Radosavljevic, Milan Radoicic, Nenad Rikalo, Dalibor Jevtic and Igor Simic

Vinka Radosavljevic, Milan Radoicic, Nenad Rikalo, Dalibor Jevtic and Igor Simic are the Vice-Presidents of Srpska Lista. They were elected by an unanimous vote at the Assembly of the largest Kosovo Serbian party.

The information was announced several hours after today’s ceremonial meeting in North Mitrovica through TV Most, RTS, RTV Puls and Tanjug.

The decision on the new personnel has not been, however, announced throughout today’s meeting.

When such a decision is made and has not still been reported, except that „the working part of the session“ was preceded by ceremonial meeting.

„We have three times bigger the responsibility than people who deal with the management of cities, municipalities, institutions in any other part of our country,“ Djuric alerted during the ceremonial part of the session, adding that it was important to show „agility that corresponds to the moment in which we are situated“.

The highly positioned Serbian official, warned of „many attempts“ to weaken Srpska Lista, to cause „splits and conflicts“ within this party, to „strengthen its enemies and opponents“. Srpska Lista, thus, „should recognize such dangers and challenges among itself“ and that it has „to prevent it at the very root.“

Jasmina Zivkovic and Aleksandar Spiric have been, as per the same news by these media, elected as new members of the Srpska Lista presidency.

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