New Patriarch Porfirije in his first sermon: Kosovo is a covenant for us

The Orthodox Serbs in Kosovo will take first place in my prayers. For Serbs, Kosovo is not just a myth, but an umbilical cord that connects us with our spiritual historical cradle, with the essence of our identity. We are in Kosovo and Kosovo is within us – the new patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Porfirije said.

The Holy Synod of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church elected the Metropolitan of Zagreb-Ljubljana Porfirije as the Serbian Patriarch yesterday.

The official liturgy regarding his enthronement was held this morning in the Belgrade Cathedral of the Holy Archangel Michael, served by Patriarch Porfirije.

The enthronement was attended by the Serbian state leadership led by the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, as well as the Serbian member of the Presidency of BiH, Milorad Dodik, and the President of the Republika Srpska, Zeljka Cvijanovic.



The United States congratulates the Serbian Orthodox Church and its faithful on the election of Metropolitan Porfirije as the new Patriarch. We wish him success in his efforts to pursue unity, inter-faith dialogue, and peace for all.

— Ned Price (@StateDeptSpox) February 18, 2021

The first sermon of the new patriarch: Kosovo remains my biggest concern

„First of all, I want our holy Serbian Orthodox Church, wherever it is located, to live with full lungs and for every Orthodox Christian to have true freedom,“ the new Serbian Patriarch Porfirije said, noting, however, we live in a time when peace and unity, even in the church, have been shaken.

During his first sermon as the new Patriarch, Porfirije sent words of encouragement and support to all Serbs around the world, but Kosovo Serbs above all.

„The Orthodox Serbs in Kosovo will take the first place in my prayers, as they are an inseparable part of our people in the Republic of Serbia, but also of our faithful people who live in the Republika Srpska, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also in other countries where our people live.“

Kosovo – „our spiritual Jerusalem“ remains my biggest concern and the biggest concern of the Serbian Orthodox Church, according to Patriarch Porfirije.

„Kosovo is not just a myth for Serbs, a myth belongs to the world of imagination and we can lose and win there. Kosovo is a covenant for us, and that Kosovo covenant is tied to the New Testament, which is based on holiness. Hence, Kosovo is a myth for us, the umbilical cord that connects us with our spiritual historical cradle, with the essence of our identity. We are in Kosovo and Kosovo is within us, in our shrines, in Cyrillic and the Kosovo covenant. Kosovo is the heart of Serbia,“ he emphasized.

He added that, according to the holy fathers, the heart is an organ of life and love.

While emphasizing the church’s goal of “uniting” and “serving peace and unity,” the Patriarch said that he will not be guided by partial interests and partial involvement in politics. 

„Modern relations in society, and even modern politics understood as a struggle of certain parties, often carry a lot of inconvenience, perhaps inappropriate relations and activities. I do not see the struggle of groups that unite for the sake of mutual rivalry as politics in the original sense of the word. Politics in the original sense of the word was related to concern for what is common, concern for a common life, in which all citizens participated and all equally shared responsibility for society, for what is common,“ he said, adding that he will deal with the latter kind of politics.

„There is room for everyone in Kosovo. Everyone can and should fit in the heart. For all the people who will be inspired by the beauty of Decani, in which I, although unworthy, took my first monastic vows, while the beauty of Gracanica, Devic, and Sokolica will purify them.“

Speaking of the coronavirus pandemic, Porfirije called on the citizens to be strong and not to allow fear to prevail, assessing that „every healthy person can be a much worse virus.“ Through mutual connection and care, we can overcome this plague – the patriarch stressed.

At today’s enthronement, however, the patriarch and other religious representatives did not wear protective masks or maintain physical distance.



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