N. Mitrovica citizens’ differing views of the sticker regime: What was Vucic thinking; Everything is better than isolation

Based on the agreement between Belgrade and Pristina, when entering the territory of Kosovo, owners of vehicles with Serb license plates are obliged to cover the state symbols on the plates with stickers, while those who have „RKS“ license plates must do the same when heading to Serbia proper. The owners of cars with Serbian license plates, including those with marks of cities in Kosovo, must also use these stickers if they are operating their vehicles within the territory of Kosovo. The deadline to procure the stickers ends tomorrow. Anyone who does not cover state symbols on Serbian license plates by then will be punished. What do the citizens of North Mitrovica think of the latest license plates agreement?

The opinions of North Mitrovica locals on the sticker regime are divided. While some of them are wondering “what was Vucic thinking?” and directly showing their disapproval of covering state symbols, others say that „everything is better than a complete ban on movement,“ and some citizens have underscored that the agreement must be respected.

Several citizens were unaware that the agreement on the license plates also applies to cars that are already in the north of Kosovo, as well as that the deadline to procure the stickers ends tomorrow. They state that they were not informed about it.

Some locals have already obtained the stickers, while others criticized the fact that the stickers only became available in North Mitrovica as of today. The stickers are issued at the police station because the municipality will remain closed until Monday.

Quite a few citizens criticized Pristina for not providing a sufficiently long deadline for procuring the stickers, especially taking into account the coronavirus pandemic and the large lines of people that are thus being formed in front of the institutions.

Several of them believe that the citizens in the north of Kosovo will respect the agreement that the delegations of Belgrade and Pristina reached at the end of last month in Brussels, that is, that they will cover the state symbols on their license plates with stickers.



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