MTS takes over all cable providers in Serb areas south of the Ibar

Foto: (KoSSev) MTS poslovnica u Kosovskoj Mitrovici

Telekom Srbija has taken over all cable providers in Serb enclaves in Kosovo, the chief executive officer of Telekom, Vladimir Lucic, announced today, the Tanjug news agency reports.

Lucic also confirmed that MTS d.o.o., a subsidiary of Telekom, had also taken over the cable provider Herc International (formerly known as Link) in central Kosovo.

„In two years, from 2,500 users, we ended up with 30,000,“ he said, reports Tanjug.

Also, several citizens south of the Ibar recently told KoSSev unofficially that their local cable provider had been purchased by MTS.

The same citizens also claimed that the N1 and Nova S channels were no longer available to them.

RTV Kim reported this morning, referring to unofficial information, that the MTS subsidiary took over the cable operator Herc International, as well as that the independent TV channels N1 and Nova S were excluded from the list of channels offered by this cable provider.

This media outlet also wrote that the cable provider Herc International had sold its shares and equipment to the largest supplier of cable television and telephone signals in Kosovo Serb communities.

When asked by RTV Kim why the N1 and Nova S channels have been excluded from the offer, Herc said that it was due to technical issues.

They also reported that MTS d.o.o. is negotiating to purchase the remaining providers in central Kosovo.

MTS. d.o.o. is a company registered as a subsidiary of Telekom Srbija in Kosovo. It was created following the signing of the Brussels Agreement on Telecommunications in 2015.

This company took over the largest cable providers in the north of Kosovo – VGN and Impuls, at the end of 2019.

At the beginning of last year, after purchasing these two providers, MTS excluded the local independent media channel from Leposavic – RTV Mir – from the list of channels.

After more than a year, this provider started broadcasting this channel again through the on televisions supplied via cable, following an agreement between RTV Mir and MTS d.o.o.



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