Montenegrins in Kosovo seek a formal legal status from Kurti and Thaci

The Association of Montenegrins in Kosovo requested Kosovo President, Hashim Thaci and Prime Minister, Albin Kurti to confirm the legal status of the Montenegrin community in Kosovo. This association expects Thaci and Kurti to draft a constitutional amendment that would be discussed and adopted by the Kosovo Assembly.

The Association of Montenegrins in Kosovo revealed that they sent requests to all parliamentary groups. Twelve years later, they want to „learn the truth about who is ‘In favor’ and who is ‘against’ Montenegrins becoming a constitutional category“.

“For the government led by Kurti to immediately begin full implementation of the Strategy for Integration and Affirmation of the Montenegrin Community in Kosovo, adopted on December 12th, 2016 and that, under the State Holidays Law, Montenegrins officially obtain their holiday, like all other communities on Kosovo,” wrote the Association’s leader Slobodan Vujičić.

The association added that such demands and expectations are based on the fact that „Montenegrins are a traditional community in Kosovo, which is supported by history, monuments, an ethnological museum, and the Statistical Office of the Republic…“

„The current Constitution did not take into account the principle of acquired law and it ostracized the Montenegrin community from the greatest legal act,“ they claim.

Under the current Constitution, the Montenegrin community became “a minority denied from any legal rights”.

A double two-thirds majority or two-thirds of votes of the minority community and at least two-thirds of the votes of the present MPs are required for this constitutional amendment to be adopted by the Kosovo Assembly.



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