Momcilo Trajkovic: Aleksandar Vucic will be responsible if something happens to me

Momčilo Trajković
Momcilo Trajkovic

„For the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, Kosovo and Metohija has long been lost. According to him, we have nothing in Kosovo, not even a meter. According to him, there are no Serbs in Srbica, Kosovo Polje, Bresje, in Caglavica, only 20 houses, even though there are more than 150. Instead of encouraging the people and morally supporting them, with his last visit to KiM, the President succeeded in further demoralizing them. And after that visit it was unclear whether the President gave up on delimitation or the Brussels Agreement. Our President resembles a hunter who is going hunting, and if he hunts something – fine, if not, he will go to the tavern and seize the day,” the President of the Kosovo Serb Resistance Movement, a member of the Serbian National Forum, a former assembly member and the former Serbian Deputy Prime Minister, Momcilo Trajkovic told Belgrade-based daily newspaper Danas.

A policy disaster meltdown

After Vucic’s visit to Kosovo, is it more clear to you whether he gave up the delimitation?

“Remember the announcement of his historical speech in Kosovo. Remember the statement that he had always advocated delimitation. My impression back then was that he had a solution. He said he would openly tell the people. Suddenly, there is no solution. It’s either a tactic, or he got scared. I do not know whether he gave up on delimitation, but I know he has shaken the 20 years of struggle of Kosovo-Metohija Serbs on surviving and staying in their home to its core. The Serbs south of Ibar understand that delimitation would mean that they would be part of Greater Albania, which they do not want at any price. He destroyed the most sacred institution – the return, which is only possible south of the Ibar. And Serbs do not want to return to the so-called Greater Albania. All this has been shaken to its core by the President’s policy, i.e. after the disaster of his policy.”

How positive would delimitation be for Kosovo Serbs?

„If you start delimitating with the Albanians, then the Association of Serb Municipalities is unnecessary. The ASM is for Serbs, and if there are a small number of Serbs left after delimitation, all of this goes out of the window. If Serbia were to „get rid“ of Albanians in the south of Serbia, then Kosovo would „get rid“ of Serbs from the north (four municipalities). What does Vucic think, that if Serbia „gets rid“ of Albanians, that the Albanians would “put up” with 80,000 Serbs south the Ibar who would always be a disruptive factor, and that they would get the ASM?“

Delimitation – Smaller Serbia and Greater Albania

Although the President said that there is no draft of the solution, Enver Hoxhaj says that the exchange of territories between Kosovo and Serbia is still on the table?

„Just as I said, the delimitation entails Smaller Serbia and Greater Albania. However, the problem of Serbia is not only with the Albanians, but this formula also becomes very dangerous for the rest of Serbia. If Serbia exchanges the north of Kosovo for the south of Serbia, around 80,000 Serbs will remain in Kosovo, which the Albanians will not accept. They will use the logical path, you “got rid” of Albanians, then we will “get rid” of the Serbs. How? Or, as Seselj proposes, by exchanging the population, which would be tragic. Or to make a corridor and “allow” the Serbs south of the Ibar to leave their homes, followed with staged conflicts and a ‘few’ victims, and to go to other parts of Serbia, which would be even more tragic. Sumadija would thus become Kosovo.“

If there is no draft of the solution, if the delimitation is not the subject of discussion, what is the President of Serbia negotiating in Brussels?

„He is wasting time, complicating relations within Serbia, but also complicating the relations, as Djuric would say, in our ‘southern province’. From all this, it can be seen that he assumed duties when power centers brought him to power. And there is no going back now. The Brussels talks are dedicated to it, to how Vucic can ‘pull the wool’ over the eyes of the Serbs, so that they agree to a final ‘historic’ solution, the recognition of the independent state of Kosovo. However, as you can see, it is very easy.“

A twilight of Serbian diplomacy and the demimonde

Sava Janjic claims that a twilight of Serbian diplomacy is at work, because, on one hand, our head of diplomacy is asking countries to annul their recognition of Kosovo, and, on the other hand, parts of the territory of Serbia are being offered in secret talks?

„That’s right, it’s the twilight’s twilight. Dacic is not to blame for this, but those who accepted him in the coalition. He is the first of those who are in power who declared for delimitation with the Albanians. That is what he had been saying during the election campaign. The reasons for accepting Dacic as a coalition partner are only now visible. Vucic, declaring that he has always advocated delimitation, wants to take away the exclusivity from Dacic. Because how can the great Vucic implement Dacic’s ideas?“

You claim that Vucic left the institutions that deal with Kosovo to a political and intellectual demimonde?

„Well, is that not right? Look at these people, listen to what they are saying and how they are speaking. And you have over a thousand Ph.D. professors, excellent intellectuals who are familiar with the essence and layers of the Kosovo problem and the relations with Albanians at the University of North Mitrovica. Can you imagine what the political „crash“ of the Albanian intellectual, political, cultural, business elite with „our“ demimonde would look like? Now it’s visible why Vucic needs such people.“

The main topic of the Gerontology Center is a retiree from Caglavica

Do you begrudge the President for rewarding „the instigators of the verbal attack on Oliver Ivanovic“ with new positions?

„In the days following the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, Vucic was incredibly cooperative, ready for any conversation. He told us that people like Vladeta Kostic, former Mayor of Pristina and Branimir Stojanovic, “ will remain nowhere.“ That happened on January 30th. On the following day, Stojanovic was appointed State Secretary in the Government of Serbia, and Milan Radoicic, whom I do not know, as the Vice-President of Srpska Lista. A single hair wasn’t harmed on anyone’s head. They continued drawing targets, on me, Father Sava, Rada, and I, a retiree from Caglavica, was the president’s main topic during his visit of the Gerontology Center. On my friends’ advice, I had to get away for a few days, while a group of his thugs stayed in my Caglavica to let me know that they were there. I find such politics pathetic. That’s why I say that the President resembles a coward who has climbed into the attic and is using a sniper to shoot at unarmed people.“

Vucic drew a target directly on my forehead

„After the negative campaign against me, started by President Vucic, accusing me unjustly for something that has nothing to do with me, my safety was threatened. Only unscrupulous people can say for someone in Kosovo that he is selling Serb land to Albanians, that he is an associate of foreign espionage agencies, and that he is working with Ramush Haradinaj. Believe me, if I were to meet someone like that, I would think about what I would do. Vucic drew a target directly on my forehead. Aleksandar Vucic will be responsible if something, God forbid, happens to me.“



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