Milena Popovic called on the Kosovo Special Prosecutor to question her again in Belgrade

Milena Popović
Foto: Printscreen, TV Prva

Olivera Ivanovic’s wife, Milena Popovic called on the Kosovo Special Prosecutor, Syle Hoxha to come to Belgrade with his „entire team“ and to, together with the Serbian investigative authorities, “question her for the fourth time”.

„Pristina is obviously requesting the name of the killer from me. I mean, obviously, I gave a statement and answered all the questions. I told them all that I knew about these questions, so I do not know what the prosecutor is thinking. I do not really know if he is trying to exert pressure on me or if he is expecting a name from me. I do not really know. If he thinks I should be questioned again, I’m inviting him to negotiate with our investigative bodies so that they can all question me together. I can do it publicly and however he wants, I do not have any secrets,“ Popovic said this morning from the Prva TV studio.

She said that Oliver Ivanovic was disappointed in people, but did not want to specify in whom exactly, although she „knows quite well „.

Popovic expressed her disagreement with a part of the latest article in Nedeljnik weekly magazine „The Year without a Response: Who Killed Oliver Ivanovic?“ which stated that Ivanovic’s main fault, according to the testimony of BIRN journalist, the author of a posthumously published interview with the murdered Serbian politician – Milan Radonjic, is that „his mere existence in Mitrovica disturbed the absolute reign of terror“.

„I think it’s not exactly as it is written,“ Popovic said, admitting that Ivanovic was „alone“ and that he had political opponents – a „state-supported list“.

She does not know whether Ivanovic, if he was not murdered, would be in favour of the current authorities or the opposition. She also claimed that „the name of Milan Radoicic can be read numerous times“ on Oliver Ivanovic’s Twitter account.

Popovic is „absolutely sure“ that if the state would decide to organize a gathering for Oliver Ivanovic, they „would first consult“ with her. Furthermore, she would not accept it and they would „respect“ her decision.

She also claimed that Oliver Ivanovic „never“ made a concrete solution for the future issue of Kosovo. Popovic reiterated that she has a lot of information.

Though she said that she can assume who is standing behind the murder, it „does not cross her mind“ to assume anything publicly or „target“ anyone until she is 100 percent sure.

You can watch the entire interview with Oliver Ivanovic’s partner below:



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