Mijačić: Any advice to Pristina at the expense of existing EU demands won’t lead Kosovo to CoE

FOTO: Dragiša Mijačić (Privatna arhiva)
FOTO: Dragiša Mijačić (Privatna arhiva)

The letter that Kosovo Foreign Minister Donika Gervalla Schwartz sent to Theodoros Rousopoulos, the President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, informing him that Kosovo will be sending its own draft statues of the ASM to the Constitutional Court by the end of May (which the public learned about today), will not have an impact on the agenda of the meeting of the Committee of Ministers during which Kosovo’s admission to that organization was supposed to be decided, says the coordinator of the Working Group of the EU National Convention for Cooperation between Belgrade and Pristina, Dragiša Mijačić.

The very fact that Gervalla sent a letter to Rousopoulos this morning is a surprising fact, as the Parliamentary Assembly adopted the proposal for Kosovo to be admitted to the Council of Europe on April 16, thus ending its role in this process, Mijačić told KoSSev.

The first day of the ministerial session in Strasbourg is currently underway.

„That’s why the fact that Gervalla Schwartz sent a letter to the Speaker of the Parliamentary Assembly and not to the member countries of the Council of Europe is surprising,“ he alleged.

It appears that even Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani was not aware of Gervalla’s letter. Osmani’s advisor confirmed that the presidency was not informed, or consulted, about this move, pointing out that before any such letter is sent, it must be approved by the speaker of the assembly, the president, in addition to the prime minister.

New disappointment with Pristina?

Mijačić is adamant that the issue of Kosovo’s CoE membership cannot be included in the agenda due to Gervalla’s letter.

„It’s too late for something like that. There is no will among important members of the Council of Europe to support Kosovo’s candidacy without it fulfilling clear political demands. I am convinced that those countries are once again disappointed in Pristina due to unilateral and uncoordinated moves, something that best explains the character of Kurti’s government,“ Mijačić stressed.

Recalling that Kosovo’s admission to the Council of Europe depends on a decision made by member states, which should receive a two-thirds of votes at the meeting of the Committee of Ministers, he stated that Kosovo has failed to respond to the previous tenacious requests of the international community to take a tangible and credible step in the formation of the ASM.

„The Committee of Ministers did not include that topic in the spring session. There are a lot of steps in order to start the process of forming the ASM, but there is not enough time for it, and as a result, for the subject of Kosovo’s admission to be included in the agenda of the meeting that is being held today and tomorrow,“ he said in a statement for KoSSev.

The purpose of the letter to mask their own international fiasco from the domestic public
When asked to elaborate as to why the letter was sent at the last possible moment, and the possible reason behind the move, especially after the evident lack of desire to form the ASM, as Kosovo PM has reiterated time and time again that he refuses to be conditioned, and Gervalla’s statements about “ the Trojan horse of Republika Srpska in Kosovo,“ Mijačić says:

„The sole purpose of sending this letter is to confuse the domestic public, that is, to mask the fiasco surrounding membership by portraying Kosovo as a ‘constructive side’.“

Kurti as an „Arab Merchant“

„Kurti has a habit of acting as an ‘Arab merchant’, offering his proposals instead of those coming from the international community. Let’s recall that Kurti responded to the EU’s three-point de-escalation proposal with a five-point plan. On the EU’s proposal on the Road Map for the implementation of the Agreement on the Road to Normalization, Kurti proposed his plan. Even at the first meeting with Vučić, Kurti came up with proposals that are not acceptable to either Serbia or the EU, but they certainly created a cacophony in the Kosovo public. There are many more such examples, the principle of action is always the same, something is proposed that has no useful value except to further confuse the public in Kosovo and delay the acceptance of inevitable obligations.“

The links of the ESI chairman’s relationship with the Kosovo government?

Gervalla’s letter to the Parliamentary Assembly was made public this morning after the chairman of the European Stability Initiative, Gerald Knaus, shared the letter on the X network, which German journalist Michael Martens followed up on.

Our interlocutor remarked on the connection in mutual relations but also, as he assesses, biased analyses.

„Gerald Knaus obviously has close relations with the Government of Kosovo because he is able to publish the letters of the Government of Kosovo before their ministers. I would not go into his motives, maybe he was hired by the Government of Kosovo or some other entity to help with the application for the Council of Europe or he is doing it for his own reasons. His activism, which is often based on bad and biased analyses, is obvious,“ Mijačić stated.

He also notes that the coordination of his actions with the writings of FAZ journalist Michael Martens is also evident, noting that this can still be interpreted through the prism of journalistic freedom.

„In any case, I believe that the advice of Knaus to the Government of Kosovo related to membership in the Council of Europe helped to some extent in obtaining a positive PACE report, but the final decision on membership is political and depends exclusively on the views of the most powerful countries of the Council of Europe,“ emphasizes Mijačić.

Political demands have been clearly communicated to the Government of Kosovo on several occasions, any advice that goes against the adoption of those demands is deeply wrong and will not lead to Kosovo’s membership in the Council of Europe, he concluded.

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