Market inspection found Kosovan „Noblice“ in Pristina

Kosovska zastava Noblice
Foto: Kallxo

As of this year, shops and markets in Kosovo are under obligation to place flags of the country of origin in front of products. The market inspection visited a number of shops in Kosovo in January, checking whether this order is being observed. The Kosovo media, however, reported that a market in Kosovo presented the famous Serbian sweet brand „Noblice“ as a Kosovo product.

Kallxo’s source sent photographs which are part of the evidence of the Ministry of Commerce, reported the Kosovo media.

„During an inspection in a Super Viva market in Pristina, the inspector found Kosovo flags near non-domestic products. It is not yet known whether this market will be punished,“ writes the Kosovo online media outlet.

Kallxo contacted the „Super Viva“ market and was told by a market employee that „a mistake was made“ and that they are awaiting the decision of the inspectorate.

„The flag was not placed there by mistake, but a change was made on the shelf and it was forgotten,” the employee told Kallxo.

Noblice is one of the most popular Serbian products. Next to Plazma biscuits, Noblice is one of the most popular sweets in Kosovo.

Kosovo has imposed a tax increase to 100% on products from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina since November.



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