Local arrest warrant issued for Radoicic, international warrant forwarded to UNMIK?

Đurić i Selaković Srpska lista KoSSev
Rikalo, Radoičić, Đurić, Selaković, Rakić u Kosovskoj Mitrovici/Foto: KoSSev

The Basic Court in Pristina issued a local arrest warrant for Milan Radoicic on August 16 on the suspicion of involvement in the assassination of SDP leader Oliver Ivanovic, Kosovo media reported today. Kosovo Minister of Justice, Abelard Tahiri, however, stated today that documentation has been completed and forwarded so that an international arrest warrant could be issued for Radoicic, Pristina-based Koha reported.

The Basic Court in Pristina issued a domestic warrant against Milan Radoicic on August 16th at the request of the Kosovo Special Prosecutor’s Office. The court decision,which was published by Kosovo media today,reads that Radoicic is suspected of involvement in and the organization of a criminal group and that he is still at large.

The reasoning of the decision reads that on June 6, the Kosovo Special Prosecutor’s Office requested a local and international warrant to be issued for the defendant Radoicic, and that, after reviewing the request, the pre-trial judge found that the conditions prescribed by Article 535 paragraphs 1, 2 and 4 of the Kosovo Criminal Procedure Code were fulfilled.

Djuric and Srpska Lista: Intimidation of Serbs

The head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric and Srpska Lista reacted, stating that the warrant is „intimidation of the Serbian people“.

Djuric estimated that the news on the Radoicic arrest warrant, announced on the same day early elections in Kosovo were called, „will set a certain tone for the entire election campaign – which will obviously be a contest of Albanian political actors in (exhibiting) chauvinism and hatred of Serbs.“

Kosovo Minister of Justice, Abelard Tahiri stated that documentation has been completed and forwarded so that an international arrest warrant could be issued for Radoicic, Koha reported.

„The arrest warrant is a concrete step that will help to completely shed light to the case and the motives,as well as the perpetrators of this crime, will be revealed,“ Tahiri said.

Kosovo Special Prosecutor, Syle Hoxha told Pristina-based Koha on July 1st that the Pristina Basic Court issued an international arrest warrant for Radoicic. It remains unknown, however, whether Kosovo forwarded the warrant request to INTERPOL.

Taking into account that UNMIK communication with the Kosovo authorities and this police organization, through which Kosovo sends such requests to INTERPOL, is confidential, KoSSev contacted INTERPOL to find out whether they received a request to issue a warrant.

„If or when information is shared with the General Secretariat of Lyon concerning investigations and individuals, it remains in the possession of that country. Therefore, INTERPOL does not comment on specific cases or individuals, except in special circumstances. We advise you to contact the relevant national authorities regarding your question,“ INTERPOL stated in a written reply to KoSSev at the time.

KoSSev also contacted the Pristina Basic Court spokesperson Mirlinda Gashi to confirm whether the Basic Court in Pristina issued an international order for the arrest of Radoicic and whether the warrant request was forwarded to INTERPOL. Several e-mails later, we received only an official confirmation that this court had issued an international warrant for Radoicic. Gashi failed to provide a full answer to the question, despite the numerous e-mails we sent.

In addition, the “Betimi per drejtesi” (Oath to Justice) portal reported on August 17 that the international arrest warrant for Radoic had not been issued yet despite what media reports claimed. The portal also sought clarification from the Kosovo Ministry of Justice on whether the international arrest warrant was issued, however, they did not receive a reply to date.



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