Kurti at the EU Summit: Green lanes make sense only without the little green man, Serbia has to hand over Radoičić

FOTO: Kabinet premijera

„Fast green lanes make sense without the little green man, that’s why I urge Serbia to bring Milan Radoičić and his paramilitary group that killed our sergeant Afrim Bunjaku on September 24 last year to Kosovo,“ Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti said in Kotor.

Today, the European Union Summit for the Western Balkans is being held in this Montenegrin city under the slogan „One region, common vision“. The central topic is regional growth, as per the EU development plan.

In addition to other leaders from the region, as well as European and US representatives, i.e. the European Commissioner for Neighborhood and Enlargement, Oliver Varhelyi, and the US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, James O’Brien, the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, and the Serbian president, Aleksandar Vučić are also attending the Kotor summit today.

Kurti: Better cooperation implies mutual de facto and de jure recognition of all countries of the Western Balkans

In his speech, Kurti supported the Growth Plan and cooperation, and once again used the opportunity to complain about the Milošević regime, expressing gratitude to Montenegro which assisted the Albanians at the time.

He said that his uncle was a „political prisoner“ in Kotor more than 40 years ago.

„I am very glad to be here in Kotor, in Montenegro. 41 years ago, my uncle was a political prisoner in Kotor for three months. He comes from the village of Sukobine, which is in the municipality of Ulcinj, on the border with Albania. Twenty-five years ago I became a political prisoner, and later a prisoner of war. That was the time when Milošević’s regime committed genocide against the Albanian people in Kosovo, and we found a friend in Montenegro. Albanian refugees who were fleeing from the Serbian project to exterminate the Albanians ‘Potkovica’ found refuge in neighboring Montenegro, which exhibited unconditional hospitality, for which we are eternally grateful.“

FOTO: Kabinet premijera

Then he moved on to the topic of today’s gathering of leaders.

„This third meeting of the European Union Growth Plan is an excellent opportunity for all six countries of the Western Balkans to come together and discuss how they can further integrate by implementing reforms at home, but at the same time to see how we can do more and better with the European Union in terms of benefits from support programs from the EU Growth Plan, which will simultaneously offer us access to the single market of the European Union,“ said Kurti, the Kosovo government announced.

This year will mark a decade of the Berlin Process, he reminded, adding that he is looking forward to the best possible cooperation, which includes:

„Mutual de facto and de jure recognition of all Western Balkan countries“.

He remarked that Bosnia and Herzegovina still has not officially confirmed the agreement on freedom of movement, even though it was confirmed more than a year ago.

Vučić: Responding is pointless

The Serbian president also a speech. He briefly addressed the claims of the Kosovo Prime Minister, namely, the part when Kurti spoke about mutual de facto and de jure recognition for the sake of peace.

„It is pointless for me to respond to people who never mention the economy,“ Vučić said.

He then proceeded to share his support for the EU Growth Plan for the region.

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„We are very enthusiastic about the Growth Plan. This kind of change in the EU approach has created an opportunity for us in the Western Balkans. Thank you for that. This Plan will bring good results for the region. And I’m not just talking about money. Although, of course, we appreciate that,“ he said, noting that he is additionally supportive of the plant as it will bring Serbia and the region closer to the European Union.

Kurti in the first panel: The fast green lanes make sense without the little green man

The Kosovo government revealed that Kurti also participated in the first panel on the discussion „State of Play and future plans – New Growth Plan“.

He called on the EU to verify the progress in the region and base its policy on it.

“If there is one message I want to convey to the EU from Kotor, it is this: check the progress of democratic progress and EU reforms in the region and then base policies on that data. If the European Union unequivocally supports countries that are making real progress in democracy, political pluralism, human rights, and the rule of law, then it will be the citizens themselves who will drive change by replacing obstructive political elites, whatever they are, whenever they happen.“

He welcomed another adoption of the Reform and Growth Plan by the European Parliament and the Council of the EU.

„This marks a new chapter, which must be guided by meritocracy and values,“ he stressed.

Kotor Zapadni Balkan
FOTO: Kabinet premijera

Moreover, Kurti supported the work on the new action plan of the common regional market for 2025-2028, and the ambition to adopt it at this year’s Berlin Process Summit.

„This must be an ambitious plan that integrates our region and links it to the EU internal market,“ he said.

„Furthermore, we support the RCC’s suggestion to include an additional block on economic security in the New Action Plan for the Common Regional Market. Given that the common regional market functions based on EU rules and standards, its alignment with the EU’s economic security policy is logical and beneficial, increasing the attractiveness of our region to EU companies.“

He reiterated that „good-neighborly relations with mutual de facto and de jure recognition“, are necessary for peace, security, and integration.

In this regard, he urged Serbia to hand over Milan Radoičić to the Kosovo authorities, because „fast green lanes make sense without the little green man.“

„I ask Serbia to bring Milan Radoičić to Kosovo and his paramilitary group that killed our sergeant Afrim Bunjaku on September 24 last year.“

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