KP release photos of “new suspects in Ivanovic’s murder”; Vucic: Students who had nothing to do with the murder

According to the announcements of the chief prosecutor in the case of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, the first indictments in the case were supposed to be filed by the end of this week. However, instead of issuing indictments, the Kosovo prosecutors’ office released a photo of two men it said were suspects in the assassination. Almost two years after the murder, Kosovo Police Directorate for investigating serious crimes and the Special Prosecutors’ office called on people to help to identify the two who, they said, lived in the same street as Ivanovic. On the other hand, the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic said that the two young men are students who were already questioned by the police. “They had nothing to do with the murder,” he said further.

Following a 22-month-long investigation, the Kosovo Police are seeking the public’s help in identifying two people they allege are suspects in the case of Ivanovic’s murder, who were allegedly photographed in North Mitrovica on the day of Ivanovic’s murder.

The chief prosecutor, Syle Hoxha announced on several occasions that the probe would be widened to „the two young suspects.“ Back in October, Hoxha also revealed that the new suspects were „involved in organized crime“.

Based on the available information so far, it remains unclear as to when the police came into possession of the photograph – whether it was immediately after the murder, according to official statements – or whether it is new evidence in Ivanovic’s murder case, as police are only now seeking the citizens’ assistance.

Kosovo police are urging anyone who has information about the suspects in the attached photos to notify them by telephone 080019999, or by email or by calling the police station.

The announcement arrived written only in the Albanian language.

This is not the first time Kosovo police pursued the help of citizens in shedding light on the murder of the Kosovo Serb politician. Immediately after the murder, they declared a reward of €10,000 for any information that could help solve the case. According to the Deputy Director General of the Kosovo Police, Dejan Jankovic, the reward was soon doubled to €20,000. Since then, Kosovo Police did not make any further comments on this „reward“.

Vucic identifies the young men: The ones Pristina is looking for are not murderers, but Serb students

The Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic identified the two young men several hours after Kosovo police released their photo through an official press release. They are students of the Faculty of Technology in North Mitrovica, born in Kursumlija city (south Serbia), who have already been questioned by Serbian investigative authorities and they have nothing to do with the murder – Vucic said. He also displayed another photograph, saying that it was taken from the BIA archives, and revealed the names of the two people on the photo: Ivan Dimitrijevic and Milos Radosavljevic.

The Serbian President also said that Serbian investigative authorities had „already questioned“ the young men, and that it „turned out“ that they „had a test that morning and had nothing to do with the murder“ – Vucic said. Their parents brought them in to be questioned by the police, „willing to fully cooperate and take the polygraph test,“ he added.

Vucic, however, did not say when the Serbian investigative bodies came into possession of the photographs. He also did not provide details on whether the same persons were investigated by the Serbian investigative bodies or any details about the cooperation of the Serbian and Kosovo investigative bodies in this case.

The Serbian president stressed that the sharing of these photographs indicates „how serious is the approach of the Kosovo investigative bodies towards solving the murder of Oliver Ivanovic.“ He also added that although the investigation of the murder of the Kosovo Serb politician is „paramount“ to Serbia, the Kosovo authorities “did not in any way allow Serbia to access their material.“

He also emphasized that „Serbs falsely reported Serbs to the Kosovo authorities because they thought they were very clever when looking at surveillance cameras“.

Both Serbian and Kosovo authorities are conducting an investigation into the murder of Oliver Ivanovic.



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