KP: A Serb and an Albanian youth injured in Mogila after an argument; the two sides share differing accounts of the incident

FOTO: KoSSev/Kancelarija za KiM

A 20-year-old Serb man has been stabbed in the village of Mogila while walking his dog, the Kosovo Office announced, accusing a group of ethnic Albanians of allegedly standing behind the attack. Although the Kosovo police also confirmed that a Serb has been injured, they add that an argument broke out between the injured Serb and an Albanian minor over the dog prior to the incident and that the former was injured as well. Speaking to the Serbian Parliament, the President of Serbia was the first to inform the public about the incident, alleging that a Serb was attacked by Albanians.

In its response to KoSSev, the Kosovo Police said that a Serb, B.Dj. (2003) and an Albanian Lj.E. (2006) were involved in the incident, and that they allegedly had an argument over a dog.

„We inform you that today, at around 1:00 p.m., the Regional Police Directorate of Gnjilane – Klokot Police Station received information about an incident in the village of Mogila, Klokot Municipality. Police units immediately responded and based on the information provided, it was revealed that two youths, after an argument over a pet dog, were involved in a physical confrontation. Lj.E. (2006) of Albanian ethnicity and B.Dj. (2003) of Serbian ethnicity, sustained physical injuries,“ the KP stated in a written response to KoSSev.

According to the police, B.Dj. was sent to Pasjane for treatment, while Lj.E, after receiving medical assistance in Vitina, was sent to the regional hospital in Gnjilane.

The KP told KoSSev that the investigation is being carried out in coordination with the prosecutor.

Previously, the Kosovo Office issued a statement stating that a young Serb man B.Dj. (20) from Mogila was attacked when „a group of Albanians stabbed him in the shoulder area twice.“ They specified that he was „attacked while walking his dog“.

They assessed that this case was „a direct consequence of the anti-Serb hysteria and the politics of Albin Kurti.“

„It is clear that the severity of ethnic incidents and attacks has increased, as Kurti’s anti-Serb policy and the tensions he causes on the ground almost daily have intensified. The Kosovo Office expects international representatives to prevent Kurti from turning the province into a new powder keg,“ the Kosovo Office said.

Srpska Lista issued a similar statement, also blaming the Kosovo government and Prime Minister Albin Kurti.

„Anti-Serb hysteria of the dictatorial regime of Albin Kurti leads to a new attack on Serb children, young Serb men, property, or the Serbian Orthodox Church on a daily basis,“ the party said in a statement.

In fact, the Serbian President was the first to inform the public about the incident today while addressing Serbian Parliament – a fact highlighted by Vucic himself.

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