Kosovo Tax Administration in Zubin Potok: Conducted Raid, Over 4,000,000 €-Worth of False Bills Issued

Due to the issuance of false bills, Kosovo’s Tax Administration conducted a raid in Zubin Potok in four locations. The amount of the bills exceeded 4,000,000 € – stated Kosovo Tax Administration. 

"According to information collected in the field, there has been evidence that certain persons and entities were involved in illegal activities – issuance of false bills. In the course of the action, material evidences such as a USB and other documents have been seized, proving the tax embezzlement, while the total worth of false bills allegedly tops 4,000,000 €," reads the Tax Administration press release, according to Pristina-based media.

Kosovapress portal, meanwhile, reports in addition to the news about the search in Zubin Potok, has also published a photo showing Kosovo Police personnel in front of the property with the inscription "Dunav Osiguranje", not mentioning, however, whether the object of this insurance company is being searched.

The release adds that the raid was conducted by the Department for Tax Investigation and Intelligence, based on a prosecutor’s order, but there is no further information on locations, persons and “entities” in question, as well as whether there were arrests made. 

Earlier today, the Kosovo police Deputy Regional Commander, Besim Hoti stated to KoSSev that four financial inspection summonses were served with the assistance of the Mitrovica North Regional Rapid Response Unit. He also said there was no police raid.

KoSSev contacted the Mitrovica North KP Regional Office after receiving numerous notifications from Zubin Potok citizens speculating a police raid was ongoing, with involvement of police units reportedly from outside of northern Kosovo. 



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