Vulin’s close associate was arrested in Leposavić for „identity theft“, gas different names on Serbian and Kosovo documents

kp policija hapšenje lisice
FOTO: Kosovska policija

Kosovo police arrested a man (M.K.) in Leposavić yesterday under suspicion of identity theft, the deputy commander of the KP for the region north, Veton Elshani, confirmed for KoSSev last night.

Elshani said that police had information about the possible identity theft, and that the officers of the regular unit of the KP pulled the suspect over the territory of the municipality of Leposavić, and then arrested him.

„This person has two identities – one for Serbian documents, and the other for Kosovo documents,“ Elshani specified.

M.K. has been remanded a 48-hour custody.

At the same time, the police searched the suspect’s house in North Mitrovica, where they found and seized evidence, Elshani told KoSSev without specifying what exactly was seized.

Although he is officially charged with identity theft, Elshani added that there is a possibility that the crime will be reclassified depending on the further course of the investigation.

„It is suspected that he took someone’s data, but we will see, if that is not the case, the qualification of the criminal offense will be rectified,“ he said.

M. K. worked for the „Most“ Network for several years in as a journalist, that is, as a member of the supervisory board of this network. He is also known as a close associate of the former Kosovo Office head, Aleksandar Vulin, and an official in his party, the Movement of Socialists.

At the time Vulin headed the Kosovo Office, M.K. was in charge of media relations in the field.

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