Pensioners in the north of Kosovo call for a public rally, SL shares its support

Kosovska Mitrovica spomenik caru lazaru zastava Srbije

TV Most reported that a „Great public protest rally“ will be held in North Mitrovica on Monday, the Pensioner Association confirmed for this media outlet. The same association also announced the rally to the Kosovo Police. After several more pro-regime portals shared the news, the largest Kosovo Serb party Srpska Lista shared its support. On the same day, the Delije fan club in Belgrade called on the state to „stop the emigration of Serbs from Kosovo“.

Pensioners at the head of the public action

„On Monday at 12 o’clock in Kosovska Mitrovica, the Serbian people from Kosovo and Metohija will hold a large public protest gathering to draw the attention of the entire world and the international community to their disenfranchised position, particularly due to the decision of Pristina and Albin Kurti to abolish the dinar, which threatens their survival on their hearths,“ TV Most reported, referring to the Pensioner Association.

The Association said that they expect a large number of their compatriots: health workers, educators, social welfare beneficiaries, students and youth.

„In one word, all those whose existence is directly threatened by unjust measures from Pristina,“ TV Most further reports.

SL: To remain in peace on our centuries-old hearths

Srpska Lista reacted tonight, sharing its support of this rally, referring to the announcements of „united pensioners“.

„And at the same time, we invite all our citizens from Kosovo and Metohija to take part in this democratic citizen’s protest on Monday, February 12th at 12:00, against the decision of the regime in Pristina to abolish the dinar and payment transactions, but also against unilateral moves against the interests of the Serbian people, from the arrest of our innocent fellow citizens, the militarization of the north, all the way to the brutal incursion of Kosovo special forces into the premises of Serbian institutions, from provisional authorities to outpatient clinics, the post office and the premises of non-governmental organizations,“ Srpska Lista wrote in a statement.

„It is extremely important that we show Pristina with our presence in high numbers that we are against these anti-Serb decisions and that we want to stay in peace and live on our centuries-old hearths,“ they added.

Delije presented a new slogan „State, stop the emigration of Serbs from Kosovo!“

Delije sports fan club earlier shared the message „State, stop the emigration of Serbs from Kosovo!“; it took place last night at the basketball game Crvena Zvezda – Žalgiris and today on the streets of Belgrade. They also displayed a large Serbian flag with a map of Kosovo in its center.

Crvena Zvezda fans gathered today at the Temple of St. Sava and marched to the „Rajko Mitić“ stadium for a match against the Vozdovac team, all the while displaying the aforementioned message.

According to announcements, the rally in North Mitrovica will be held on Monday at noon near Braća Milić Square.

Reactions to the latest messages have already started arriving on social networks. Nemanja Šarović, a former official of the Serbian Radical Party and now the leader of the „Ljubav vera nada“ movement, wrote on X:

“Knez Mihailova decorated with flags… just as Kosovska Mitrovica was at one point, God forgive me. Every deluge of Vučić’s ‘patriotism’ was followed by some misfortune for the people. This doesn’t bode well either…”





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