On the 11th anniversary of the Brussels Agreement: The shortest political analysis ever


By Miodrag Marinković

There is a legend that Ernest Hemingway wrote the shortest story in the world out of a bet. In only 6 words, he summarized all the basic story elements: characters, plot, development, climax… The story reads: „For sale: baby shoes, never worn“.

It is also said that no one has ever been able to top Hemingway in building so much emotional charge and narrative ambiguity with fewer words. Nobody that is until the author of the first point of the First Agreement on the Normalization of Relations in 2013. The point says: „There will be an Association of Serb majority Municipalities“.

In fact, this is the shortest fairy tale ever written. Perhaps it is unfair not to acknowledge the authors of this ingenious illusion, fallacy if we cannot praise them for the political skill in its realization. And that’s not the only fairy tale.

In 2013, Srpska Lista’s election slogan read: „For more Serbia in Kosovo“. A five-word burlesque.

International officials have been telling fairy tales for some time that „Pristina will face consequences for unconstructive behavior.“

Albin Kurti preaches that he has „nothing against ordinary citizens from the Serbian community“, and Aleksandar Vučić authored the myth about the plates „There is no surrender, (KM remains)“.

So, for 11 years now, we have been experiencing dramas, listening to epics, and believing in fairy tales. And we don’t know who is a better storyteller. The problem is that the audience is decreasing. Leaving. This is the shortest political analysis ever.

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