Kosovo MIA: Journalists only need press IDs to perform their duties in the field

Mediji Kzn COVID
Foto: Gračanica online

Translation provided by KoSSev

Following various interpretations by certain media outlets, as well as by some members of the Kosovo Police, the Gracanicaonline portal contacted the Kosovo Ministry of Internal Affairs as to „whether the March 24th decision of the Kosovo government – which reads that journalists only need press IDs and protective equipment in order to be free to move and report on the coronavirus pandemic – has changed,“ Gracanicaonline reports. The same news was published by the KoSSev portal on March 24th.

The Ministry of Interior’s Information Office soon responded to Gracanicaonline, saying that the decision had not been changed and that journalists were allowed to move throughout Kosovo, ONLY with press IDs and that any additional permits were not necessary.

In the meantime, the KoSSev portal received the same response from the Kosovo Ministry of Interior.



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