Kosovo institutions search the Health Center in Strpce looking for Covid-19 vaccines

Foto: Tanjug / Jaroslav Pap

The Kosovo Ministry of Health inspection, accompanied by members of the police, searched the Health Center in Strpce – which operates within the health system of the Republic of Serbia – looking for Covid-19 vaccines, the Kosovo Office announced today.

The search was conducted in the Vaccines Department, the Covid clinic, and the Department of Surgery, the Kosovo Office wrote in a statement.

The health inspectors’ report states that they did not find any vaccines and that the head of the Health Center was warned that the possession of „illegally acquired vaccines“ is a criminal offense.

„There is no administrative or political excuse which can justify Pristina’s inhumane behavior, especially bearing in mind that this is not the first attempt to prevent the adequate and timely protection and treatment of Serbs in Kosovo,“ the Kosovo Office said.

They underlined that they took non-discriminatory measures during the entire outbreak, with no regard to the ethnic or religious background. This Office also alerted that they would inform the competent international bodies about „Pristina’s anti-civilization actions“ through all available channels.

„The Republic of Serbia is launching a mass vaccination against Covid-19, and our citizens living in Kosovo exercise the right to the vaccine.“

Serbia launched the Covid-19 vaccination program on December 24th. The first citizens in the municipalities in the north of Kosovo were vaccinated on December 25th.

After the backlash from Pristina due to, as it was interpreted, the illegal import of Covid-19 vaccines by Serbia, and the claim of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic that Pristina institutions were preparing to seize these vaccines in Leposavic, the location of vaccination for Serbian citizens residing in Kosovo was changed to Raska and Nis.

The Basic Prosecutor’s Office in Mitrovica also announced that they have authorized the police to collect information regarding potential criminal acts of drug smuggling and illegal medical activities, adding that the investigation has not been officially opened yet.

The Kosovo Basic Prosecutor’s Office announced today that they are still collecting information on whether vaccines have been imported in accordance with relevant public health protocols.

„We assure the public to continue to monitor the situation, detecting, investigating and prosecuting illegal activities that may endanger public health and safety, and that we remain committed to ensuring that no one takes advantage of the situation created as a result of the pandemic during these critical times,“ the prosecution said.

Vucic announces massive vaccination program, Kosovo Serbs via “hybrid system”

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic announced yesterday that Kosovo Serbs would be vaccinated through the use of a “hybrid manner” – both in Kosovo where applicable and central Serbia.

“A hybrid manner of vaccination will be pursued, whereby a part of the population from the north of Kosovo will be vaccinated in these municipalities and the other part in Raska. Some people from Kosovsko Pomoravlje will be vaccinated in Bujanovac and Vranje. We will see where we will vaccinate people from Sirinicka Zupa, Strpce, Metohija, Gracanica, and the surrounding places,“ he noted, adding that a special part of the operational headquarters will work on this along with the Kosovo Office.



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