KFOR on inquiries of British soldiers in Gorazdevac: Routine activities, to feel the pulse of the population concerning different topics

Manastir Visoki Dečani

KFOR UK personnel were in Gorazdevac with only the purpose to feel the pulse of the population concerning different topics; one of those has been the security perception of the population living in the municipality and around the Visoki Monastery, the KFOR spokesperson, Antonio Minutella, confirmed for KoSSev last night.

Radio Gorazdevac reported yesterday that members of the UK KFOR visited the village, where they „disturbed“ the locals with questions related to the security of the Visoki Decani monastery.

As the locals of Gorazdevac confirmed, they were asked whether it would be a good thing if the monastery of Visoki Decani was secured by the Kosovo Police instead of KFOR. A Gorazdevac local emphasized that almost everyone said that it would not be a good thing, stressing that the local Serbs “do not trust the Kosovo Police.”

KFOR spokesperson told KoSSev that the interviews conducted in Gorazdevac by KFOR personnel were “part of routine activities with the aim to monitor the current situation and to maintain situational awareness.”

He underlined that this was not the first time and that KFOR normally performs such kind of activities around all of Kosovo.

“These interviews also include the perception of the citizens toward KFOR. We do not push anyone to answer and we fully always engage the people with respect and dignity regardless of their ethnicity.”

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