In a jacket with the symbol of the Albanian flag, Drake raps about Pristina and the rising tension

In his new video ‘Polar opposites,’ world-famous Canadian rapper Drake celebrated Albanian Independence Day, writes US-based portal Rolling Stone.

“Albanian Independence Day was yesterday, but Drake doesn’t think it’s too late to join in on the festivities,” Rolling Stone wrote on Wednesday. Drake’s video prominently features a group of men hanging out around a pool table, wearing matching red jackets, all with the national and ethnic symbol of Albania — the eagle.

The song lyrics even mention Pristina: “You should let your sister be the voice of reason Either it’s your text that I’m misreading Or it’s just your actions are misleading Don’t know how they do things in Pristina I just know the tension is increasing.”

Deo teksta pesme "Polar opposites"

Albanian users on social networks praised this tribute to the Day of the Albanian Flag. Canadian rapper, Aubrey Drake Graham, has been one of the most popular young rap and hip-hop artists on the world music scene for years.

All of his previous albums were at the top of the world charts. The song „Polar opposites“ is part of a deluxe edition with 6 new songs, which will be part of the album „For all the Dogs“.

Another song listed on this album – „8AM Charlotte“, also attracted the attention of the local media a month ago. In this song, Drake raps: Where I go, you go, brother, we Yugoslavian“. In the same song, he also mentions Czechoslovakia, saying he „feels like a Czechoslovak“.

Drake was born in Canada, his father is African-American and his mother is Canadian. Until now, there was no information about his possible Albanian origins.

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