Hoxhaj: The Division? No Thanks!

„Ambassador’s talk on partition is an attempt to import a Russian approach of division from Euro-Asia to the Balkans. The borders of the Balkans are unchangeable and any idea of partition is a source for conflict. No, thanks!“ – tweeted on Wednesday the Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj.

The tweet followed the interview with the Ambassador of Russia Aleksandar Chepurin, in the Belgrade-based daily „Alo!“, who, the paper claimed, said that Russia would accept the partition of Kosovo if Serbia considers it as the best solution for itself.

Aleksandar Chepurin, however, was asked to comment on the statement from the Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic that Kosovo Albanians would allegedly agree to the partition of Kosovo, since it is „in their interest as well“, he said:

„We respect the position of Serbia so any solution that it considers to be the best for itself, we will support.“

„Whatever is good for Serbia, it’s good for Russia. For Moscow, it’s only important that the solution is in the interest of Serbia. I have no doubt that the Serbian government, President Vucic and Minister Dacic will do what is best for the country, “ he added.

A valid solution should come as part of a long dialogue process and I believe nothing should be reached hastily, also commented the Ambassador.

Serbian Foreign and Defence Ministers talked about partition and an exchange of territories in the recent past. Their statements followed Kosovo media reports on alleged secret talks about „division“ and „the exchange of territories“, that were led at the highest political level between Kosovo and Serbian representatives.

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci has publicly distanced himself from the idea of partition. Aleksandar Vucic also denied such allegations.

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