Haradinaj on Vucic: An aggressive neighbor is feeling strong now that Kosovo has a weak president

FOTO: Gazeta Express

„We need a president who would stand up for Kosovo and who could properly face an aggressive opponent – Serbia,“ the leader of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK) and the party’s candidate for the new Kosovo president, Ramush Haradinaj said today.

Responding to „Vucic’s provocative statements,“ Haradinaj assessed that „the aggressive neighbor is striking back with threats“ against Kosovo.

„He feels strong now that Kosovo has an overthrown government and a weak president,“ he wrote on Facebook.

Haradinaj also listed what he interpreted as the success of his policy, while also making a new promise.

„While I was prime minister, we created an army, despite the opposition of our neighbor, during my presidential mandate Kosovo will become part of NATO,“ Haradinaj said, adding that NATO membership is the key to security and peace in the region and the best response to Vucic’s statements.

Although Haradinaj failed to specify which of Vucic’s statements he was talking about, the President of Serbia made a guest appearance on the “Cirilica” talk-show on Happy TV last night, when he, among other things, stated that Albanians and Europeans desire Serbia’s defeat.

When asked about the possibility that Kosovo may once again apply for membership of UNESCO, Vucic said that Kosovo and states supporting Kosovo’s independence should respect signed agreements.

„I am addressing their mentors who formed the so-called state. Well, if that is the case, if they do not respect the agreement, I am telling you, you will face numerous surprises – positive ones for our people, and I am not sure that you will have a positive reaction to them.“



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