Haradinaj appoints Dijana Zivic as the new Kosovo Minister of Agriculture

dijana zivic ministarka poljoprivrede Kosova
Foto: Fejsbuk, Ramuš Haradinaj

Dijana Zivic was appointed the Kosovo Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development today, Kosovo Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj announced. As both Serbian and Kosovan media reported, Zivic, a member of the Independent Liberal Party (SLS) led by Slobodan Petrovic, will replace the former Minister from the Srpska Lista party, Nenad Rikalo.

In order to confirm the allegations that Zivic is a member of the SLS, KoSSev tried to contact the President of the party, Slobodan Petrovic, however, after several phone calls and text messages, we were unable to get in touch with him prior to this news been published.

„I have appointed Dijana Zivic as the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development today. I wish the new minister success in her business and I assure her that she has my full support in the service to the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo and the fulfillment of the goals of this government,“ Haradinaj posted on his Facebook page.

The former Minister of Agriculture, Nenad Rikalo was dismissed on February 2nd. Rikalo’s dismissal was one of the demands that the opposition party, the PSD, placed before the Kosovo Prime Minister as a condition for receiving 12 votes from this party at the second reading of the draft Law on the Kosovo budget for 2019.

Prior to the announced dismissal of Minister Rikalo, the President of the Independent Liberal Party, Slobodan Petrovic declared that „there is a possibility that the Independent Liberal Party will again be part of the Kosovo Government“.

Following Rikalo’s dismissal, the media speculated that his replacement will arrive from the SLS’s ranks. „The new Minister of Agriculture is expected to be Boban Stankovic from Slobodan Petrovic’s Independent Liberal Party,“ wrote Klan Kosova, citing a source within this party.

Kosovo Office: All doors will be closed to those who work against the interests of the people

In the meantime, the head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric reacted with a statement. He wrote that the „so-called“ minister „does not act for the Serbian people, does not act in consultations and agreements with the institutions of the state of Serbia, she does not enjoy democratic legitimacy and will be treated accordingly.“

This means that „there will be no communication and cooperation between the state organs of the Republic of Serbia and the legally elected representatives of the Serb people in Kosovo at all levels, including local and central,“ the statement reads.

Pristina is breaking the unity among Serbs with this move, but it will have the opposite effect, Djuric stressed.

Vucic: Zivic’s appointment is an insult

The Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic also commented on Zivic’s appointment, describing this act as an „insult“.

„Haradinaj chooses private Serbs for his ministers, who have not been chosen anywhere and for whom the Serbian people did not vote, just to show that he is omnipotent and that those who support them are all powerful,“ Vucic emphasized.

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